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  1. New Webhost + Planned Future Updates

    Sadly I knew what we were signing up for when I decided to make a niche specific site. I can assure you things will be rocking and rolling once Avatar 2 comes away.
  2. Hello Community, It's been a while since I made a post or anyone made a post for that matter but I assure you I'm still running things behind the scenes. Today I have moved to the site to a more reliable server so the overall speed of the site should be a bit faster. In terms of the future, I have also been working on a special project to release once the Avatar 2 gets closer to it's release date. The forums here will be built on an entirely new piece of forum software (SMF), we'll have a new theme, new chatbox, responsive mobile theme, new profile, mentions in posts, arcade, and much more. So whilst it's sad to see avatar fan forums in such a decline now I have high hopes for the future and I plan on bringing a new innovative site/community to the frontline of avatar fan communities. Colin Admin & Founder
  3.,0,2138305.story Interesting Who's exciting?
  4. We are currently experiencing some difficulties with our custom theme. I have temporarily disabled it, and we are now using the forum software default. I'm also looking at getting all the applications back online.
  5. Useful Avatar Resources & Sites

  6. Hmmmmm

    It's gonna be a good year or two or three. ugh.
  7. Avatar Exhibit at LSC in NJ -- mini-meetup!

    I certainly could, probably closer to the event time though. Is there a list of people who are going?
  8. Avatar Exhibit at LSC in NJ -- mini-meetup!

    Hmmm that's like a 40 minute drive from me. I'll definitely consider going. Is it possible to park near the hotel?
  9. Hmmmmm

    Pfffft new content, good joke. Edit - The site seems to be running kind of slow. Is it just me?
  10. Hmmmmm

    See? I still visit here once in a while
  11. Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays Everyone! Hope you all spend some time some quality time with the family watching good old Avatar. Did you get any Avatar related gifts? If so, please share with the community. Or if you're self centered and want to brag about something else you got, go right ahead and do so.
  12. How would you sing "Happy Birthday" in Na'vi?

    Very interesting post, I'm also interested to know what something like "Happy Holidays" would be like in Na'vi.
  13. EstebanAVTRBoy introduction

    Since our last website upgrade all the data in the gallery seems to be gone. I still have a backup database and the physical files of the gallery images. (So nothing was essientially lost, our gallery just won't display it.) If it's fine with you guys, I can open up the gallery again, but photos will have to be re-uploaded. Edit - Also need to fix the quote style here, looks like they got messed up too.