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  1. Goodbye.

    It's been a long 2 years since I was born, and i'm finaly saying bye. I thank unap, shadow, spartan, and others for being my friends. I am dead now. My life is ended.
  2. AvatarPrime has been interviewed

    Yay, we win! right? right.
  3. Happy 1 year Avatar Anniversary

    it was yesterday, but i won't celebrate till the 23rd.
  4. Something weird.. more of a question

    I doubt Neytiri would let any other avatar paint her.
  5. Which back story would you most like to know?

    Tsu'tey or Neytiri. Tsu'tey would have an interesting backstory, and I just want to know everything about Neytiri.
  6. Favorite Movie Quotes

    "sky people, they do not learn, they do not See."
  7. So.. my niece is due this week or something..

    She's cute and chubby...
  8. Tsu'tey

    In my mind: Tsu'tey was a happy and great Na'vi till the sky people came and killed his mate-to-be's sister effectivly cutting her off from a large part of tribal life. He hates the sky people because they made his Neytiri sad.
  9. How did you find AvatarPrime?

    Saw it on fanfiction.net.
  10. Finding out your name in Navi

    Txum is Txum. I'm not gonna use some random word generator. It can't really translate, as we only know a few names and don't know what they mean.
  11. Something weird.. more of a question

    Yeah, jake did it.
  12. What's currently on your mind?

  13. What's currently on your mind?

    That I don't spend nearly enough time here as I should and Avatar.
  14. If you could ask James Cameron a question..

    Could I have a copy of the full movie if I have the drive space for it? -or- could I look at the full movie for a couple hours? (full movie refering to the 2pb version stored at weta)
  15. Avatar Trivia

    What and what type of solar system is pandora in?