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  1. Sad, that forum was quite nice Really no one here anymore?
  2. Hey ​ ​ ​How are things, is still someone online here? Or the irc chat still alive?
  3. Happy 1 year Avatar Anniversary

    Bit late, but here also happy 1 year Avatar Anniversary wishes
  4. What to do for the next 2 years..

    enjoing life, having party, and a even bigger party session when avatar 2 is upcoming
  5. How many of us are from both AF and ToS??

    well since we hae our family also hear.. lets start and make this board an even more alive place
  6. Kaltxi

    new member yay and welcome
  7. Hello Aytsmukan Si Aytsmuke

    Close family here online now too... Awww... that feels so amazing *hugs sam, andi, stan, zach and all others too*
  8. Kaltxi, im new :)

    Welcome here too
  9. Two arts that drew me in

    Looks beautiful, very inspiring artworks!
  10. Testing

    i want to test too.. so.. Test
  11. We all hate Jeff

    Happy Birthday, may many great adventures follow your way
  12. God is there?

    Well i dont like religions at all so i do not believe that there a god exists.
  13. Someone needs to get some sleep..

    Happy Birthday of course