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Lower back pain cure

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Back pain therapy focuses on curing the problem that causes the pain and unlike other parts of the body it is the lower back that has to endure the pressure and strain when standing for longer durations of time. If a person is subjected to emotional stress beyond the level that he can endure the body responds to this tension in the form of back pain. Back pain may also result from maintaining a poor posture. Nowadays the wok culture has become more of a sedentary nature rather than physical work and this has led to bone and muscle weakness. Even the food habits, erroneous living habits can all be attributed to this condition. It is easy to take care for this condition not to occur and that is by maintaining a balanced posture at all times. While sitting, standing and even while sleeping if the back is not upright without bending forward and with a slight care you can do your back a favor. If the pain is due to an underlying serious condition then this can be identified by routine tests as prescribed by the physician or by physical examination. It is also important that the patient must take care to keep himself away from stressful situations and to calm the mind relaxation and breathing exercises help to a certain extent. If the pain has occurred due to an n internal condition and not because of a physical injury then ayurvedic massages and conventional therapy also helps.

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