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Fanfic Ateyo (Complete) Part 3

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~Part 13~

Armageddon - Part 3

Awaking of the Juggernaut

Mike opened his eyes and sat up. Krystal was next to him still asleep. He looked at her, he was actually worried for the first time in his life. He looked away and got up. Krystal still half asleep asked where he was going, he told her that he was going to war. She smiled and also got up. "I'm ready spartan. Today we fight for our future." Mike smiled, he knew he wasn't just fighting for himself, or his spartans, but for her. He didn't care for the Na'vi anymore, he only cared about her. "Krystal, I need you to follow Jake's orders for now. Later I'm sure we will meet up." She almost ran at him, she hugged him. "Mike, Good luck." Mike had a feeling she wanted to say more, but time was running out. "Don't worry about me. Keep your head down and eyes up." Mike had the Crimson Omen around his neck, he forgot she had given it back the night before. He took it off and put it around her neck. "You'll need this more then me." The two walked out of the room, she held his hand. Once outside they parted. Mike watched as she flew away. He then got into contact with RAAM. RAAM replyed "Sir problem.. RDA and EF forces will be here within the hour. From what we got, they are headed to the Plains of Goliath. It's some huge desert." Mike thought for a second, "Ok tell Jake, and have the Leviathans hold their fire and hide. We can use them to bombard the enemies LZ." RAAM replyed with a bit of hesitation, but agreed. Mike whistled for BAAL, who had been eating some huge animal. "Jeez man, you eat more then I do." The massive ikran laughed. Mike was much more serious at this point. "BAAL.. this is it. There is over 7 million fighters here, This is going to be bloody. If anything happens to me, I want.. I need you to watch over the two girls ok?" BAAL agreed. A spartan ran up behind Mike and handed him a lancer and RAAM's sword. "Good luck sir." Mike and BAAL took off towards the Plains of Goliath.

Mike saw the white sand that would turn red. Bodies would litter the endless sand and for what? One man's dream of a free world? No he couldn't think like that. Mike saw a huge gathering. He motioned for BAAL to land there. Once they were on the ground, Mike told BAAL to be ready to help if Mike needed him. The ikran nodded and took off. Mike thought he was going to find Soze. Whatever the case, he had to focus on the ground war right now. Mike walked threw the camp. Spartan's and Na'vi together made him smile. He looked at the Na'vi, most of them were with their familes. Mike could tell they were scared, but when he looked apon his Spartan's he saw something else. Many of his spartan's were smiling, almost laughing. He stopped at one group and asked why they were smiling. They answered, "Sir, we haven't seen war is such a long time. This one will be fun he he he. This is our revenge, they hurt us.. we will destroy them!" Mike understood what they were getting at, he agreed with them. Mike walked towards the front lines, if theres was going to be a battle here, he would be the first to run into battle. He got to the front lines, RAAM was there. He had chaingun in his hands. Mike walked up next to him, the two men looked to the other side. "So this is it. All we need know is fireworks." Mike said almost laughing. RAAM paid no heed to Mike's words, they both wanted to get this over with. Mike looked left and right, Spartan's and Na'vi as far as the eye could see. A voice came over his ear comm "Sir, all three leviathans ready to fire." The spartan's were ready. Jake walked up on Mike's left. Jake had a bow in his hands, his fingers twitched. "Mike, before you got here.. I had nightmares, I knew something like this would happen. Shit, crazy thing is.. I can't wait." He grinned. Mike replyed "Hell yea, still the crazy f*cker I remember." Jake chuckled. "Oohrah. Oh and Krystal and Neytiri are crazy to think something 'bad' will happen to us. Hell if they haven't killed us yet, then someone f*cked up." Mike grinned "Women, no matter where you go, their all the same. But I like Na'vi chicks, I can trust them to be loyal without being ordered to be." The three men looked towards the bright blue sky. RAAM said in a unnatural calm voice "RDA and EF forces inbound. ETA twenty minutes." Mike checked his ammo. A spartan ran up and said out of breath "Sir! I forgot to give you this." The spartan handed him a fifty caliber sniper rifle. Mike smiled, "Hell yea." Mike put his lancer on his back and had his sniper in his hands. "Oh man this gonna be fun." He thought. Then Krystal's face appeared in his head, Mike shook his head. Hundreds of dropships had begun to descend from the bright blue sky. The battle was about to begin.

Mike radioed to the Leviathans "All leviathan, Bombard the EF LZ!" The dropships hadn't even landed when three giant balls of fire dropped from the sky, hitting many of the dropships. Jake raised his arm to tell the Na'vi to move forward, But Mike stopped him. "Wait Jake, let my guys finish their volley." Jake agreed. For the next 20 minutes, the leviathans pounded the EF and RDA location. "The three are reloading." the voice of the fleet captian said. "Ok Jake, lets move in." Mike radioed to his spartans "OK BOYS AND GIRLS, LET HIT IT!" Mike felt the ground shake as all three million spartan's and their vehicles moved forward. RAAM jumped on to a cyclops. Mike jumped on to one of a grizzly's tread. Mike steadied himself and looked threw the sniper's scope. He could only use one hand, as the other was holding on to a grizzly's tread bar. He held his breath, he could hear his heartbeat. He found a target, it looked like a high ranking officer. He fired, it felt like his arm almost got blown off. "Ah shit, huh headshot." He thought to himself. The grizzly had fired a few rounds, they were close enough. Mike jumped off, but was entirely ready for it. He stumbled a bit then regained his footing. He grabbed the barrel of his sniper and used the rest like hammer. He hit a few men, splitting their heads open. He threw the gun back to firing position, and shot a man in his leg. While the man was on his knees, Mike slammed the sniper across his head. Killing him instantly. Mike felt a sting on his left side, but ignored it. He continued to shoot at the seemingly endless rows of men and women infront of him. Their were bullets in the air, bodies already on the ground. Some Na'vi, and some EF, RDA bodies too. The sniper was out of ammo, so he threw it at a woman infront of him. It hit her, knocking her back. While she was stunned Mike revved his chainsaw and cut her body in two. He had no mercy for his enemies. He took aim and another woman, but a spear appeared threw her chest. She fell to the ground. her killer was Krystal. Mike laughed "No way, just my luck." Krystal ran over to Mike, as spartan's ran past them, firing their lancers. Krystal's eyes widened. "Mike! You injured!" She put her hands on Mike's side, but pushed her away. "This isn't over." She reluctantly agreed and ran next to him. He wanted to catch up to RAAM.

Neytiri was outnumbered by five EF soldiers, Mike drew RAAM sword and went to help her. He stabbed one in his back, then threw him into the one next to him and killed the other. Krystal had killed another man, while Neytiri killed the last one. Mike yelled to Neytiri, "Have you seen Jake?!" She shook her head. "Ok follow us!" Mike had both Krystal and Neytiri following him. His vision began to fade, but he had to continue, he kept saying to himself "This isn't over." They finally found Jake, who had just killed a handful of RDA soldiers, he looked around. "Neytiri!" He ran up and embraced her. Mike almost lost his balance. "Shit.." he knew something wasn't right, the ground wasn't moving though. Mike told Krystal to bring some of the wounded behind the front lines. She replied with anger "Are you stupid?! I will never leave your side!" This wasn't a time to argue. So he had her follow him. He was going to find RAAM. After a few minutes, and shooting a handful of enemies. Krystal shot a few arrows and killed a few other too. "Nice shooting." Mike smiled at her. She returned the gesture. They began to walk, they both knew they weren't going to catch up. Mike stood there, his breath was heavy in his chest. Krystal was tired too. A jeep was driving past, stopped "Hey guys, hop in, I could use a gunner!" Krystal sat next to the driver, he handed her a lancer. Mike had taught her how to use it, so she was ready. Mike jumped into the gunner's seat. He laughed "Oh hell yea! I got me a chaingun!" The jeep sped forward. Mike unloaded on as many of the enemy as he could. He saw an amp suit and tired to shoot it, but it flipped the jeep. Mike jumped out and landed on his back. His vision turned red then back to normal. He shook he head and got up. He only had RAAM's sword. His lancer was gone. He tried to look for Krystal, but the amp suit ran at him. Mike knew the amp suit was stiff. He dodged it, and jumped on its back. He was thrown off, he hit the ground near the burning jeep. "So Mike, I thought you were on our side.. Guess I was wrong.." Mike knew that voice, he looked up. It was Colonel Quaritch. "What the hell are you doing alive?" The man laughed. "Sully thought he could kill me. But my DNA lived on. Guess I get to kill two traitor's." He lunged at Mike. Mike held out RAAM sword. He took the blow, but his arms nearly failed. He pushed Quaritch away the best he could. Mike found his Lancer. He dodged the amp suit again. When Mike rolled to his feet again, he said "I can't be a traitor, if I wasn't even an ally to start with." Mike unloaded an entire clip into Quaritch's chest.

Mike stood their tired beyond belief. He fell back. His vision failing. He hit the ground. He tried to stand back up but his body wouldn't listen,"Damn it!" He looked up to the now setting sun. He wasn't done. Krystal appeared above him, his vision and hearing faded as she said "Mike!"

~End of Part 13~

~Part 14~

Armageddon - Part 4

Even to my dying breath

Mike opened his and coughed. He sat up and looked around. He was back in the camp. Spartans were sitting around, many wounded Na'vi were being taken care of by both Na'vi and Spartan doctors. His head felt like it was hit by a hammer, he felt like he had a splitting headache. RAAM walked up and knelt next to him. "Mike, I got good news and bad news." RAAM handed Mike a bottle of water. "Ok shoot." Mike began to drink the cold water. "Ok good news first, the battle is coming to a close, and whatever the hell hit you, was enough to kill anyone. But then again you always survive." Mike put down the water, and laughed. "What can I say, I'm tough to put down. Where's Krystal?" RAAM sighed. "Well thats the bad news..." Mike's heart skipped a beat. "She can't be dead!" RAAM put a hand on his shoulder "She's not, but she was captured by the RDA." Mike was furious with himself. He passed out just over a minor wound, he thought. "Mike, when you passed out from your injuries, she carried you back and found me. Then she said something about making you proud, or something." Mike didn't hear RAAM and he could think about was finding her and killing her captures. He got up, grabbed RAAM's Sword that was laid next to him. "Mike, your still recovering! Rest and let us deal with the battle!" A doctor said worriedly and trying to stop him. Mike grabbed the woman's throat. "You will get out of my way or I will add you to my kill count! I don't care who the f*ck you are. You get in my way I will burn you alive!" He threw the woman aside. RAAM step in front of Mike. "Even you would hold me back from saving her?!" RAAM shook his head and put his hands on Mike's shoulders "Mike, we've fought side by side. I have never questioned your decisions, and I won't start now. But are you serious about this woman? The odds of you dying is very high. Are you sure you want to do this?" Mike couldn't believe what RAAM just said, "RAAM, when I choose Krystal, I told her I would be with her, even to my dying breath. That I protect her, no matter what. I'm going to do this, and I'm coming back. Then I'm going to kick your ass, cause I'll be too tired to care." RAAM laughed and let Mike go. While he walked, many Na'vi nodded his way and began to follow him, Spartan's looked over and followed as well. RAAM ran up on the right side of Mike. "You didn't think I would let you go alone?" Jake and Neytiri ran up on his left. Jake said trying to hold back a laugh "Hell, I'm not sitting this one out!" By the time the group got to the edge of the encampment, the entire force was following Mike. He turned around and yelled "I go alone! No one is to follow!" Jake and RAAM began to protest, but Mike shot them down. "Jake you would do anything for Neytiri, So stay here with her. RAAM stay here and lead the Spartan.. if anything happens." The two men stood there, wanting to continue. Mike turned around and began to walk across the desert. He was hell bent on killing these bastards, and god help them if they harmed Krystal.

Once he was out of sight of the camp, he began to run, he knew where the enemy camp was. He had to run around wreckage of Amp suits, a few Cyclopes', a Grizzly Tank, many downed Samson's, a handful of scorpion's and countless bodies. He couldn't get Krystal out of his head. His vision turned red, and his muscles began to burn. He gripped the sword in his right hand. He wanted to kill as many as he could, but knew even he couldn't take another bullet. He would sneak in. "Hey boss, Raptor five-nine inbound. You didn't think we would just let you walk in to their base and get killed? ETA 5 mins, so get there and watch the fireworks. We will make a distraction, then you get your wife out." Mike thanked the Raptor squadron. "Hey sir! Grizzly division inbound from the west. We're not going to let those pussies have all the fun!" Mike couldn't believe, even when ordered to stay back, that his men and women would ignore his direct orders, inorder to help him. "Good luck out there, I need a jeep." Another voice came over his comm "Warren inbound, hop in!" Mike jumped in the jeep and took off. He was going to save Krystal, and if he was lucky, capture their leader. "All units, when I get out of the area.. kill em all." The forces inbound responded "Hell yea sir!" Mike thought for a second. "Wait everyone, stay back, I'm going to try and take out their command first. HOLD YOUR FIRE!" Everyone moaned but agreed. Mike told Warren to stop. They were close enough for a stealth attack. They got out, and began to descend the hill of sand. It was cold to his feet. He could see light's. The two men stopped and knelt down. Warren handed him a pair of binoculars. Mike looked threw them and looked around. There were many wounded, others were on guard duty. He finally found Krystal, she was tied to a chair. A man hit her yelling at her. Mike's blood began to boil. "Revenge is gonna hit you like a brick mother f*cker.." Mike whispered. Warren smiled and responded "Karma is a bitch ha ha ha!" Mike handed Warren the binoculars and moved slowly forward. He had to navigate past the guards, threw the camp, then finally to Krystal. They finally made it to the edge of the camp. They hid behind some boxes. A guard walked past and Mike slit his throat. He put the man's body where he was hiding before. He told Warren to stay there and keep watch. Mike continued forward. He could see Krystal, he caught her eye, but put his finger over his lips. He gestured her to be quiet. The man in front of her, slap her again and yelled "WHERE IS HE?!" He grabbed her chin and said a bit quieter "You will tell me where Mike is or I will kill you." She responded to the best she could, but Mike knew she was pretty beat up "I will never betray him!" He hit her again. "Bitch! You could save millions. Fine you choose to protect him? We will destroy them!" Mike radioed for the Raptors to make the distraction. He then radioed to the Grizzly's to move in when the Raptors make the distraction. The guards around them looked to the east, the raptors had hit something big. "Splash!" one of the Raptor pilots yelled. An alarm went off. The commander next to the man interrorgating Krystal said "Shit, enemy tanks inbound from the west!" Mike ran threw the confusion towards the commander and stabbed him from behind. "Gotcha." Mike whispered as the man fell to the ground. Mike walked up behind the man and turned him around. The man's eyes grew. "Wh.. what the.." Mike didn't let the man finish his sentence, he punched the man as hard as he could. The unconscious man fell to the ground. Mike ran over to Krystal and cut her loose. She tried to stand up, but was too weak. Mike grabbed her. "I'm sorry, Your safe now." He said, as he began to cry and hold her. She was visibly in pain and very tired. Mike whipped is nose and eyes then asked if she could walk, she could. Mike picked up the unconscious man. Krystal asked why he was talking the man with him. "Simple, in about a few minutes, this base is going up in flames and we can use this guy as a deal. Keep them from coming here, in exchange for his life." She walked, with a limp. Mike asked if she needed help, but she refused. The two walked back to Warren, who had killed a few Earth Federation soldiers. "Ok guys, lets move it." The three walked back to the jeep and took off towards the base. Mike had put the man in the back next to him as he helped Krystal into the passenger seat. He began to rub her shoulders. She put a hand on his right hand and fell asleep. He felt like an ass for letting her get captured. The man began to come to. "Whe.. Where am i?" Mike had grabbed the mans handgun and pointed it at him "Your screwed dude. The Na'vi will choose what to do with you." The man was scared. "Com..Come on man, let me go and we can say this never happened." Mike laughed "Yea and I'm not the commander of the Spartan Empire. Your not getting out of this one." The man looked down, he began to shake. Mike watched and smiled. He had his target, all that was left was to wait and see what happened next.

They got to the camp. Mike got out and helped Krystal. Warren grabbed the man. Mike put Krystal's right arm over him. "No Mike, I want to show that I can still fight." She pulled her arm off of him. He understood what she meant. "But Krystal, there is no more fighting. It's over... We won." She looked at him, her eyes showed a tired woman. Her face was covered in cuts and bruises. Warren walked over with the man. Mike gave warren the pistol and Warren gave the man to Mike. Mike pushed the man forward. They walked threw the encampment. The Na'vi hissed at the man. "How do they know him?" Mike thought to himself. They finally got to Jake, Neytiri and RAAM. Who were looking at a map of the area. Jake was on the opposite side. He looked up and his eyes widened "Parker.." The man now known as Parker, jaw dropped. "Jake Sully?" Neytiri walked over and slapped Parker, "Demon! You hurt my people!" Jake stopped her, she stepped aside. Jake looked at him then at Mike "Mike, why have you brought this 'demon' here?" Mike looked at Jake then said "Well I thought you all could kiss and make up." No one laughed, then Mike said "Uhh thought you would want to deal with him." Jake thought for a minute. "No, we're sending him back. I'm not going to stain my hands with his blood." RAAM walked up and responded to Jake's recent words "Then I will kill him." Parker's eye widen, he began to pled for his life "P..Please let me go.. I won't return.. I sware!" RAAM wasn't buying it. He looked at Mike. Mike could read what he wanted. "No RAAM, let him live with another defeat. That is worse then death." Mike dropped the man and a few Na'vi ran up and tied Parkers hands. Krystal had limped up to Mike's right. She kicked Parkers head and yelled "Asshole!" Parker began to bleed. "Bitch!" Mike kicked the man over to his back and said "I wanted to save your life, guess you just signed your death warrant." Mike kicked the man's face in, killing him instantly. His foot began to hurt. "Ah damn it! That wasn't too smart." RAAM and Mike began to laugh. Krystal leaned up against Mike, her breath was heavy. Mike hugged her. "Rest now, I'll carry you home." She agreed and sat down next to Neytiri, who had just sat down aswell. The two women fell asleep. Mike, Jake and RAAM stood around the dead body of Parker Selfridge. "It's done. Now we can rest." Mike said, just now realizing how tired he was. He knew everyone was tired, but now everyone could rest. Their enemies were defeated. Spartan's could finally rest in peace and raise their families. The Na'vi could live in peace as well, protected by spartans.

Mike laid down next to Krystal, she was in front of him. She rolled over and put an arm around him. "Finally we can rest." She said half asleep. "Yea." He responded, yawning. It was over, he could start the family he always wanted. She fell asleep, but he stared at the night sky. He just now noticed how beautiful the night sky was. His eyes were clear of impending war, he could now focus on more important things. He finally fell asleep. His dreams brought him back to the tree "Spartan! You're finally done!" Ewya said with much happiness. "Mike! Way to go! No one can stop you!" Mother Earth said, hugging him. "Rest, and live now." She pushed him and he returned to his dream. Tomorrow he would start his real life. But tomorrow he would have to decide the future of the empire, give it to RAAM or continue to be emperor. No he had a plan, he would still be in command, but RAAM would deal with everything. He dreamt about Krystal and a child was in her arms, but the childs face was blurred.

~End of Part 14~

~Part 15~

End War, and Birth of the Unexpected

Mike awoke early. RAAM was already awake. Everyone else was still sleeping, Mike let Krystal sleep. She needed it more now then he ever thought. Mike walked over to RAAM, who was looking over the map of the area. "Well Mike. We did it. Now what?" Mike walked over and placed his hands on the table. For the first time, he didn't know what was next. "RAAM, This is where my story ends. I've found a mate, a chance to start and raise a family. I want you to take over the Empire." RAAM looked over in surprise. "Mike! No! Your family built this empire from the ground up, your not going to just let it go." Mike gripped the edge of the table, trying to hold back his anger in RAAM's protest. He took a deep breath "RAAM, I will remain the emperor. But you deal with everything that comes up. Thats what I meant." RAAM's face instantly turned red. He had spoken too soon. "I'm sorry sir, I didn't expect that. But yes I will do as you ask." With those words, Mike gave command of the empire's military to General RAAM. The two men relaxed, and began to talk about what was next. The thought of leaving Pandora crossed Mike's mind. He looked around and saw many dead and wounded Na'vi. He cause this, he could have brought the war to the Earth Federation, and left the Na'vi out of this. He looked over at Krystal's Sleeping body, there was no way he could leave her. If he did, he would regret it for the rest of his existence. "It's time to wake everyone up, we should move out before the sun is at it's highest." RAAM said now looking at new map. Mike looked over and saw it wasn't a map, but coordinates to Earth. Mike agreed and went to wake Krystal. He then remembered that he would carry her back to Hell's Gate then back to Hometree. He walked over and picked her up, she opened her eyes and smiled, then fell back to sleep. RAAM nudged Jake with his foot. Jake woke up and asked what was going on, RAAM told him so he woke up Neytiri. Everyone in the camp began to wake up and King Raven's came to pick up everyone that didn't have an Ikran, and dropships came in and got the bodies. They would take them back to Hometree. Mike called for BAAL, he told him to tell Soze that Krystal needed rest and to follow them. The female Ikran walked over and nodged Krystal, who put out a hand and rubbed her head. "Don't worry Soze." Mike put Krystal on BAAL then got on behind her. They headed back to Hell's Gate, Krystal had fallen asleep. Mike held her. He would make sure she wouldn't get hurt again.

They finally arrived at Hell's Gate to see Spartan's getting off of King Raven's and the three massive Leviathans were loading Grizzly's and Spartan's. They were going home, his home was now here on Pandora. They landed, and a spartan, who was walking past, stopped what he was doing and ran over to help Mike get Krystal off. Once she was off, he ran to one of the three Leviathan's. Mike put Krystal in his arms. He walked over to the Avatar racks, and put her in one of beds. He then walked out to find RAAM. Everyone was preparing to leave. Mike found RAAM talking to a Spartan. The Spartan ran off, and RAAM turned towards Mike. "RAAM, what's your plan?" RAAM thought for a minute then replyed "I'm going back to spend time with my family. Your staying right?" Mike smiled "Hell Yea. Come back to visit." RAAM returned the gesture "Ofcourse sir." The loading process was almost complete. The Na'vi Clans were saying their good byes to their new found allies. During their time there, many spartan fell in love with some of the Na'vi, they had asked Mike if they could stay. Mike laughed at them and always said "Why ask me? If you found a mate here, then your staying." Mike looked towards the Diablo, "The horse I rode in on. I say my final goodbye." RAAM and Mike shook hands. Mike knew RAAM wouldn't miss the first year of his kid, Mike didn't miss RAAM's first born. A spartan that was staying on Pandora, one of the doctors walked up to Mike and told him that Krystal was awake and was much more healthy now. Mike couldn't resist the urge to go to her. He said his final goodbye to RAAM. The pale man walked away, towards the Diablo. Mike turned around and ran to Krystal. She had walked outside, leaning against the door. "Krystal!" Mike said as he embraced her. She began to cry "It's over?" Mike hugged her tighter "It's only the beginning." The two watched as the three great leviathans left Pandora, only to return if Mike needed them. The two walked to where BAAL and Soze where, Jake's Ikran was there aswell. "Hey over here!" Mike looked towards where the voice came from. It was Neytiri and Jake sitting together nearby. They went over and sat with the Omaticaya leaders. Jake was still tired, Neytiri was still half asleep, Mike was the only was fully awake, and Krystal couldn't keep her eyes open. Mike grabbed her butt to wake her up. "Stop it!" She whispered. But Mike wouldn't listen. "Then wake up." She slapped his hand "I'm awake and save it for later!" Mike laughed "Fine." The four talked for a little bit, until Jake whispered to Neytiri, who nodded. "Mike, Neytiri and I have been talking. The Omaticaya Warlord was killed during the second war for Pandora. We want you to take his place." Mike was confused, he was never told about a 'Warlord'. "What is a 'warlord' to the Na'vi?" Neytiri responded first "A Warlord of the Omaticaya clan is the one that leads our forces into battle. But the Olo'eyktan declares war." Mike thought for a minute, did he really want this? Lead men and women to battle? He didn't it his entire life, and he would continue. But this time he would make sure no one died. "What shall you have your Warlord do?" Jake smiled and replyed "Rest." Mike understood, Krystal hugged his arm and put her head on his arm. "Well time to go home." Jake said getting up. He helped Neytiri up and Mike helped Krystal. Mike helped Krystal on to Soze. Then got on BAAL. They four returned to hometree. Mike forgot to tell Warren to come to Hometree, he had a present for him. He radioed to the private and told him to go to hometree when the sun set. Mike took out his ear comm and put it in his pocket. He looked over at Krystal, he smiled and thought to himself "I did all of this for her. The mother of my child." BAAL cut in and said "Hey dude, I got a surprise for you." Mike was confused "HA HA HA! Yup, Soze is pregnant!" Mike laughed and replyed "Ofcourse! How long have you two known?" Mike could feel BAAL's happiness "This morning she told me that she could feel the child." Mike smiled "Good shit."

The sun was setting when they arrived at hometree. Mike jumped off BAAL, and ran over to help Krystal off of Soze. Krystal told Mike that Soze was having a baby. Mike already knew. Krystal couldn't hold back her smiled and turned and hugged Soze. Then the three Ikran's flew off. Mike, Krystal, Neytiri and Jake walked into Hometree to overwhelming cheers. "Spartan! Savior! Brother!" They cried out. They all thanked him for staying with them during and after the battle. Krystal began to tug at Mike's arm. "Come, I must show you something." Mike followed her. She still held his hand and wouldn't let go. She took him to a place where he had never seen, it was amazing. The moss began to glow, the seeds of the sacred tree where everywhere. "This place is where I go to think. It is far enough from everyone, so no one can hear me when I remember my family." She embraced him. She then pushed him to the ground and jumped on top of him. "And here's my promise to you!" Their clothes flew off faster then Mike could see. "This is gon..." Mike's thought was stopped in mid-thought as she continued. "I will show you the true wild side of a Na'vi woman!" She said as she put her arms behind his head. "I don't believe you." Mike said, he was almost daring her. His hands found their way to her butt and chest. He would take this chance to start a family. "I ain't firing blanks this time!" He thought. He pulled her closer then ever before. He could feel her gripped his back, she was either in great pain or great pleasure. She relaxed, he breath was heavy. "I take back everything I said about Spartan's being weak." She said, barely able to get the words out. "Never underestimate me." Mike said as she laid on top of him. She was tired, in more ways then one. "Guess that was my mistake..." She said as she fell asleep. "Oohrah, family started!" Mike thought as he too began to fall asleep.

The next day, it was warm. Mike shook Krystal to wake her up. "Hey lazy, get up." He said to her. "Oh shut up you." she replyed. They got dressed. She tried to stand up but fell, "You did this!" Mike laughed "What? Can't walk?" After a little bit she finally got to her feet and walked over and kissed Mike. "Lets go back." The two walked back to hometree, only a few people were awake. For the next few weeks Krystal taught Mike how to fish like a Na'vi. Every night they thought of names for their child, if it was a boy or girl. One day, a doctor and a woman in an Avatar bodies came to hometree. The doctor wanted to check on Krystal. "Ma'am. Your pregnant.." Krystal's face lit up. She was so happy they Mike thought she might jump out of her skin. Mike asked if they knew what the gender was yet. The doctor laughed, "Not yet, give it a few months." The other woman walked up and said to Mike. "Commander, Doctor Meloney. My mother was Doctor Augustine. I want to reopen her school." Mike responded "Why ask me? Ask Jake." She nodded and walked away to find Jake. For the next few months, children went to the school to learn everything from math, to writing, then to speaking english. The doctors constantly asked if they wanted to know the gender of the child, but Krystal refused. She said that she didn't care, all she wanted was to hold it in her arms. One rainy day, Mike and Krystal had gone to Hell's Gate, as Krystal had to go for some appointment. A doctor looked at a clipboard. "Thats odd.." Mike responded with some worry "What's odd?" Krystal's eyes widened and grabbed Mike's arm. "What's weird is.. theres not two heartbeats.. but three." Krystal responded, obviously confused "Three heartbeats?" The doctor responded "Yes three. One is yours, the second was the first child, then the third is another child!" Mike couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Twins?" Mike asked. The doctor smiled and nodded "Yup. This has never happened with a Na'vi. They usually only have one child at a time, never twins." Krystal's face lit up, her smile stretched across her blue face. "Well you two can leave whenever. The due date is still solid." Mike figured they had a five more months til the children were born. The returned to Hometree. Mike helped her off of Soze, as he always did. Night had fallen. They got to their hammock, Krystal laid on her back, as she couldn't lay anyother way because the kid, well now kids would fuss. Mike began to rub her stomach, it had become a habit to him. He couldn't stop himself from doing so. She didn't mind, since it moved the kids away from where they had shifted and bruised that part of her body. "Rub the belly, rub the belly." Was all Mike could think of. They both fell asleep.

The next five months, Mike didn't allow Krystal to do anything other then sit, eat, drink and breath. He was raised to take care of his wife, and when she was pregnant, to do everything for her. She protested, but as she started, the twins began to kick. It seemed like they were helping Mike win the arguments. The day when she was due, they spent it at the Med bay at Hell's Gate. The had three spartan's guarding the entrance to the Emergency Room. They wouldn't allow him to pass. He even ordered them to move, but they ignored him. "SIR! They will come for you when their ready!" He sat back down, then stood up and began to walk around. He hated this. Then the doctor's came out. Mike ran up to them "Whats wrong?! Where is she, uh they?" The doctor grabbed ahold of Mike and said "Shut up and follow." He did. Once they got their room, Krystal laid in the only bed in the white room. Mike ran over and kissed her forehead. "Where are the twins?" She was exhausted, but managed to reply "They took them, they will bring them back." Right as she finished her sentence, doors opened up and out came a doctor, holding two Na'vi looking children. They gave them to Krystal, who began to cry. Mike smiled. He asked the doctor the genders. They responded "Girls." Mike didn't really care, but he was still proud either way. He looked back at Krystal, who had one girl in each arm. One of the two children looked up at Mike, smiled and reached out for him to pick her up. He did and said "Hey you, welcome to your new home." The doctor who was incharge asked "Do you have named picked out?" Mike and Krystal looked at eachother, they didn't expect twins. Mike looked back at the doctor. "Well doc, we didn't expect twins. But I guess I'll choose one and she will choose the other. The one in my arms will be... Clara." The child in his arms began to laugh. "Ha ha guess you like it." Krystal looked at Mike and smiled "I agree. The one in my arms will be.. Kyuna." She looked at Mike, hoping he would agree. "What? Ofcourse I agree." Mike said, confused on why she would even ask. "So it is done, the first two Na'vi/Spartan children will be named 'Clara' and 'Kyuna'!" For the rest of the day, and half of the next, Mike, Krystal and the two girls spent their time in the recovery room. Finally they all left. Mike finally convinced the doctors that Krystal was healthy enough to leave and so where the girls.

They returned to hometree with the sleeping girls. Clara wouldn't leave Mike at all. Kyuna wouldn't leave Krystal. The entire omaticaya clan erupted into cheers. The girls woke up and began to cry from the sudden cheers. Mike quickly silenced Clara, who embraced Mike before crying. Kyuna put her face into Krystal's chest. "Calm young one, everyone here is family." Krystal said, trying to calm Kyuna. Krystal looked up at Mike and Clara, Clara was smiling now. "Huh, she isn't scared of anything. Just like her father." Mike laughed. Mike gave Clara to Krystal, because it was time for feeding. Clara began to cry when she left Mike's arms. But he promised that he wouldn't leave. Mike never thought that he would have a girl, let alone two! Once the twins were full, Clara almost jumped back to Mike. "Your daddy's girl aren't you?" Clara fell asleep in his arms. "Ofcourse." he said when he realized that she had fallen asleep. He sat down next to Krystal. Jake and Neytiri had come over with their child, a boy. "Huh what his name?" Mike asked Neytiri. She looked at the child in her arms and replyed "Eytukan, after his grandfather." She looked over at Jake and smiled. All the kids were asleep. That night, it was very cold. So Mike and Krystal put the girl inbetween them, so they wouldn't be cold. Mike was on the right, Clara was next, then Kyuna, then finally Krystal. The girls fell asleep quickly. "Their beautiful. Clara seems to be attached to you." Krystal whispered. Mike smiled "Yea, she will be a warrior. I can just feel it." Mike said as he rubbed the sleeping Clara's head. It fit inside of his hand. "Yes, but she must learn to be a woman first, then she can be a warrior." Krystal said as she put her right hand on Mike's face. Mike smiled and replied "Ofcourse." Krystal and Mike put their arms over the twins. Krystal fell asleep first, Mike waited a few minutes, then also fell asleep. Mike dreamt about the tree again. "Mike! My sister has returned to earth and your spartans have taken over. Anyway, this is the last time i will invade your dreams. But as my thanks for your help in protecting me and my children. These two will be healthy, and will make you proud." Mike thanked Ewya then fell into darkness. Back to his usual dreams...

End of Ateyo

~End of Part 15~

~Last Part~


Mike's life had changed. He went from a blood thirsty killer, to a father of two. Mike dealt with the clan often. The other clans disputed about stupid things, but Mike always kept the Omaticaya neutral. The other clan leaders pleaded with Mike to take their side, but he always did what he thought was best for his clan and his little girls. Most nights Mike came home tired, either hunting, fishing or trying to calm down the other clans. Clara always wanted to play, Mike somehow always found the energy to play. Kyuna seemed to only want to play with Krystal. Mike reached out and grabbed Clara's tail when she wasn't looking. Her face began to show signs of tears, but when she realized it was her father, she smiled and climbed on him. Krystal looked tired most nights, Mike hated that he was away so much. "Krystal, mind if I bring the girls with me next time I go somewhere." She looked at him threw tired eyes "Ok, but why?" Mike smiled and hugged her. "So you can get some rest and some 'me' time." She smiled and agreed. From that night on, Mike took the girls every so often. Clara was the first to walk, then Kyuna. Kyuna was the first to talk, then Clara. Mike thought it was weird. When Kyuna had been put down for a nap, Clara stayed with Mike. "Little one, why aren't you sleeping?" Mike asked, with Clara sitting next to him and almost leaning on his left side. She looked up and said, she was very tired, "Daddy, I keep thinking of why we look differnet from everyone else." Mike was stunned that a 3 year old would ask such a question. "What do you mean 'we look different'?" She looked at the ground for a second then back at her father "Me and Kyuna. The other kids look smaller then us. Smaller like skinny. Am i fat?" Mike burst out laughing. "Your not fat!" He stopped and thought "Should I tell her now or later? Ah I'll tell her later." He thought as he looked at her upset face. "Honey, when your older, I'll tell you what really courses threw your veins. Your not entirely Na'vi." She looked at him confused beyond belief "What do you mean daddy? Not 'entirely Na'vi'?" Mike wasn't going to tell her yet. "I'll tell you when your older. Now get some rest." He rubbed her back, and she leaned up against him. "Fine.." She got up and laid down next to Kyuna. Krystal walked over and sat down on Mike's right. She hugged his arm and said "When are you going to tell them that they are actually half Na'vi, half Spartan? Clara is starting to notice that she's faster and stronger then the other kids." Mike looked over at the sleeping girls. "When their ready.."

9 years later

Mike let go of the tree branch he had been using as a chin up bar. He kept his strength up, never know when something would come up. Clara ran up and tried to tackle Mike. He quickly got behind her and held her arms and picked her up. "Close, but be quieter next time. The art of surprise is key." She groaned and Mike let her go. She turned around, rubbed her arms and said "Father, Mother wants you to come back. It's dinner time." Mike lost track of time. "Huh ok." The two walked back to hometree. Mike nodded to Jake, who was talking to a spartan, that was now transfered to their Avatar body. Jake's son, Eytukan, looked over at Clara and smiled. Clara looked back at him and made a mean face. She didn't seem to like the boy much. "Ugh, I hate Eytukan. He's so stupid! He can't even shoot an arrow stright! He's weak, I beat him each time we dual!" Mike laughed, "Well ofcourse you would win. You have something he doesn't." She looked up at him "What? Smarts?" Mike smiled, "Well that and.. well once we eat.. I'll tell you what you really are." Mike was going to tell both Clara and Kyuna that they were half Spartan. Clara grabbed Mike's left hand. They finally found Krystal and Kyuna. "Hey you two! What's for dinner?!" Mike yelled out to Krystal. When they got closer, Mike saw someone who he hadn't seen in years. The pale man, that was RAAM. "RA..RAAM?! Holy shit man! How have you been?" RAAM turned around and responded "Sorry I missed the first year man, had things to deal with." The two walked towards each other, but Clara grabbed Mike's knife and stood ready to attack RAAM. "Stop demon!" RAAM looked at her and laughed. "Young one, you pose no threat to me. HA HA but your are you father daughter." She gritted her teeth as Mike put a hand on her broad shoulder. "Calm Clara, He's an old friend. He's also your sworn uncle." Clara relax and looked at Mike "Sworn Uncle?" Mike replyed "Yea, He's not your blood uncle, but a very close friend to the family. If anything was to happen to me or your mother, then he would take care of you." Clara looked over at her new uncle and nodded. She gave Mike his knife back and walked to help Krystal to finish the food. Mike told Krystal he would be back in a minute, he had to catch up with RAAM. The two men walked away and began to talk near the main platform where Jake would address the clan. "This place, it brings back good and bad memories." RAAM said, deep in thought. "Yea.." Mike replyed. "I talked to Krystal, Kyuna is just like her HA HA HA. She a cute little kid. But Clara is just like you, Doesn't trust anyone." Mike laughed. "Yea she's my little girl." RAAM smiled, "Yea, never thought I would see you like this. Anyway, the empire has taken control of Earth. They threatened us again.. after the battle. We killed many, but lost few." Mike started at moon. "I'm glad I choose to start a family, instead of fighting." RAAM nodded. Mike stomach started to argue with him. The two men walked back, Clara sat on Krystal's right and Kyuna on her left. Mike bent over and kissed Krystal's cheek, then sat next to Clara. RAAM sat next to Mike. "Dad, you promised to take me to Hell's Gate and teach me how to use the spartan weapon's tomorrow." Mike finished the food in his mouth before replying "Huh, guess I did. Hey Kyuna, wanna join us?" Mike looked over at Kyuna, who replyed "No thanks, me and mother have somethings to do tomorrow." Mike smiled and replyed "Ok, have fun then." Everyone had finished and RAAM left, before he got on the King Raven, he said "Good luck man. See you tomorrow." The two old friends shook hands, Mike watched as the Raven took off.

Clara and Kyuna walked up on his left and right. Clara, on his right, asked "Father, you said you would tell us what we really are." Mike felt cold hands wrap around him, it was Krystal. "Yea, guess I did promise I would tell you." He took a deep breath and continued "Well girls, your Half Na'vi, Half Spartan." Clara's eyes widen, she couldn't believe that she was half Spartan. "You mean, We are stronger, and faster then everyone else because we are half spartan!" Her face lit up, she was proud to be atleast a little bit spartan. "Yup, and what the elders say is true. Well about the two battles for Pandora." Mike replyed to Clara. Kyuna replyed before Clara could "I like the second battle for Pandora better." "Me too." Clara replyed to her sister. Mike stood there, surrounded by all of his girls. Clara and Kyuna walked away to go to bed. They had alot to do tomorrow. Mike and Krystal stood there alone. "Ewya brought us together, she gave us these two beautiful girls, and she will help protect us." Mike pulled out of his pocket, the crimson omen. Something else fell out of his pocket, Krystal bent over and picked it up. "Another Crimson omen?!" She said, unable to believe what she saw. "What? Oh crap.. I guess I give both Clara and Kyuna one." Krystal gave Mike the second omen, and kissed him. "We will raise them well." Mike faced her and embrace her. "Even to my dying breath."


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