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Character Test Drive: Essmose

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The creature cracked open one bleary yellow eye at the sound of footsteps.

"I shouldn't even be in here," a voice said, sounding venomous and angry. The creature's ears folded back in fear, "especially not to satisfy some rookie's curiosity."

Another voice met the creature's ears, "oh come on, you can't tell me about this and then not show me!"

There was a long pause. The creature pretended to sleep.

"They always knew genetic experiments were dangerous," the first voice continued, "but it took this thing," they were pointing at its cage, it knew it, "to make them stop."

"Can I look--" the second voice's words were cut off with a slap, "ow!"

"Don't touch it, don't even look it in the eye," the first voice said fiercely, "let's just go."

Go? No! The creature wanted--needed-- something to play with! It hadn't been out of the cage in so long, it needed something! It just wanted to play...to rip...tear...bite...

"What's wrong with it?"

"It's batshit crazy, that's what's wrong with it," the first voice said, "Avatars work, they keep Na'vi and human DNA pretty much separate and just link them temporarily...with this thing, though..." the voice trailed off, "they grafted both together almost seamlessly. They weren't as compatible as they thought. This thing is unpredictable, it likes to destroy shit."

"Why don't they kill it, then?"

"Dunno," the first voice sighed, "I dunno why they do anything these days. Let's get out of here, I'm going to lose my job."

They walked away. The creature whimpered.

'Essmose have name! Essmose want play! Human boring, Na'vi boring, Essmose both! Essmose better! Human don't know Essmose better -- Human scared. Essmose get out, Essmose break out of cage and prove it! One day...one day Essmose prove how much better he is than Na'vi or Human...one day they see! ONE DAY THEY SEE!'

Essmose was silent. His head was reeling -- one day he would get out. One day he would escape, and play the best game ever -- he'd like to see them try to catch him!


...I'm not sure what this guy is for. Maybe I'll write another Avatar story. Maybe I'll RP with him. He's just been hanging around my head for awhile.


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