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Back Story/Definition's of Tzenka

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Here I will do my best to answer any questions that you might have on this Fanfic. I will not include Jake or Neytiri, because we all know them very well, atleast I would hope so.


Mike- Supreme Commander of the Spartan Empire. Considered to be a living god among his friends and allies, but considered a Demon among his enemies. Mike never backs down from a fight he knows he can win. Sometimes his anger gets the best of him, but thanks to his closest friends, they can calm him very quickly. He is loyal to his friends and loved ones. If one is threatened, he won't think twice about helping them. His body was burned from an Ion Cannon strike on the planet of Eur, he saved millions of his spartan's lives, but lost much in the process. He has overcame everything that life threw at him. He wants to start a family, but doesn't love any of his spartans enough to choose any of them.

General RAAM- A veteran of countless wars. He met Mike when they were old enough to remember one another, and from that day on they trained together and rose threw the ranks. He introduced Mike to Jake Sully. RAAM's unnatural strength is only beaten by Mike's. He is ruthless to his enemies, but is like a brother to his friends. He is thought the be the only one that can calm Mike when he gets into one of his 'anger fits'. He would gladly kill millions if it meant the expansion of the empire. His skin is pale white due too a birth defect, he uses this as a weapon. He is feared among his enemies, his own allies fear him. He favors a sword that he had forged, and a Desert Eagle, but will carry the standard issue chaingun if the situation called for it. He protects Mike as if he was his own brother.

Rai'uk- A highly skilled Na'vi warrior. Member of the Ikran People of the Eastern Sea. He hates the Sky people, as they killed many of his friends and family. He frequently ignores the orders of the Olo'ektan, or clan leader, thinking he knows how to deal with things. He tries to convince many of the women of the clan to be his mate, He is mostly focused on Krystal.

Krystal- The next in line to be Olo'ektan of the Ikran People of the Eastern Sea. She is considered of the most beautiful woman in the clan. Her skill as a hunter is matched by her skill as a warrior. She dislikes Rai'uk for his blindness and disregard of their clans wishes. She wants him banished, but her father ignores her. She has one of the two Crimson omens, which protected her during the first war for Pandora. She trusts very few sky people, even they must watch their words around her.

Tasun- Current Olo'ektan of the Ikran People of the Eastern Sea. He is the most skilled warrior within the clan. He has three children. A son, who was killed during the war, and two daughters. One daughter is mated to another Olo'ektan of another clan. Krystal being the youngest, and only one without a mate. He wants to forgive the Sky people, in hopes they will listen next time around. His mate is Kyuna.

Kyuna- Tsahik of the Ikran People of the Eastern Sea. Her trust in the sky people is questioned by her clan mates. She believes that they can be forgiven and they can learn. She loves her children with all of her heart, she will go as far as killing the person who hurt them. She is very close to Eywa, the goddess gave her the second Crimson Omen to give to her child that goes the longest without a mate, that being Krystal. She is highly respected among the Na'vi. Her mate is Tasun.

Lieuentant General/General Falco- A high ranking RDA/UEF officer. He hates the Na'vi and wants them all killed. He has high respects for Mike, but knows if he can get rid of Mike, he can take over Pandora without a problem.

Artificial Intelligence/Vehicle's/Equipment

LEGION- An old RDA AI that switched to the Spartan Empire, apon seeing the power of the Empire. His betrayal led to his imprisonment on Pandora's Hell's Gate. Once reactivated by the Spartan's he begins to take over all of the internal base operations. He will stop at nothing to protect Mike, as Mike is his creators child.

Grizzly Tanks- The enormous main battle tank of the Spartan Empire. It's twin barrels fire ten ton highly explosive rounds well over twenty miles. They easily crush smaller vehicles beneath their weight.

F80 Spectre- The Spartan main fighter jet. Able to reach unimaginable speeds. It can carry fifty tons of explosives and ammo.

King Raven- The Spartan Helicopter. It is used as a quick troop transport. It carries M405 Chainguns.

M405 Chaingun- A very heavy and brutal chaingun with an enormous ammo clip. It fires highly explosive rounds. It is used on King Ravens and very high ranking spartan officers are able to carry it with ease.

Lancer Assault Rifle- Fully automatic rifle that is the Spartan favored weapon. It is designed to punch threw armor easily. It's Chainsaw bayonet is able to finish what the rifle couldn't.

Ion Cannon- A large satilight that fires beams of ions that obliterates the area it is fired at. Can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon.


UEF- United Earth Federation. Collection of all of the governments of Earth. They want to steer clear of the Spartan Empire, to avoid a repeat of Ichor. Their military is extremely large, not entirely the best fighters though.

RDA- Resource Development Administration. They can manipulate the UEF to help them do anything. They lost the first war of Pandora, but won't give up the reason they were there. They have enlisted the help of the Spartan's under a lie.

Spartan Empire- The largest Empire ever seen. Mike's father led the empire till his death. The spartans of the empire are super soldiers. Bred for combat, built for war. The RDA want to have close ties to them, but the Spartans dislike them. They fought at Ichor, Eur and other places.

Locations outside of Pandora

Eur- Location of a battle between Spartans and Human rebels. The spartans helped the UEF retake the planet because the rebels threatened the empires expansion. Mike was mortally injured during the battle, it is still a mystery how he survived.

Ichor- Location of the final battle between the Spartan Empire and the UEF. Millions were killed fighting, but the Spartans won in the end. Mike personally executed the UEF high command of the planet. Considered the most bloody battle to the Spartans and UEF.

Sparta- The new capital of the Spartan Empire. Current home of Mike and RAAM.

Earth- Location of the UEF and birth place of Mike and RAAM. It is a dying world, that might be able to be revived, but the UEF must either learn to fix their ways or be whipped out.

Everything Else

Crimson Omen- A necklace given to those that the god/goddess of the two planets to give to a child that needs protection. Able to form a shield around the wearer. When the two finally meet they glow a blood red, then wait for the wearers to fall in love. Once that happens, the child(ren) of the two are inherited with the protection. If stolen, the omen becomes too hot to hold, and will explode if it is not returned to the original owner(s).

Eywa- Goddess of Pandora. Protects the Na'vi, and finds the Spartans as a good ally. She wants to help Mike, but wants to see if the Na'vi also trust him.

There you go! The backstory and definitions of Tzenka. If I missed anything comment or message me.

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