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Rough Around the Edges (Deleted Scenes)

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Well, Rough Around the Edges is done and I'll finish posting it when I feel like it am able.

BUT, I have some deleted scenes from the story to share (don't worry, they're not spoilery anyway). They're just scenes that I couldn't find a place for/didn't really fit/were irrelevant to the plot and time- wasting.

So, let's get started.


The sharp, medicinal smell of Ha'ni's hollow assaulted Mosyk's nose the moment he walked in. The smell always made him queasy, having learned to associate the various scents with disease and death rather than healing.

Mosyk the optimist at his finest.

"Y'enit?" He murmured, finally finding his reason for coming. He wanted to see her.

"Child," the old woman looked at him, her golden eyes dull and, Mosyk realized, holding none of the fierceness he had known before. Her voice was hoarse and quiet. "Mosyk, what are you doing here?"

"Visiting you," he said, looking at his feet, "if you want I'll leave--"

"No, no," Y'enit objected, "it's fine. Between you and me, it's very boring in here."

Mosyk smiled a bit, but continued, "when will you be better, Y'enit? I've asked Ha'ni, she won't answer me. You're not afraid of telling me the truth, are you?"

Y'enit frowned, holding back a fit of coughing to speak, "of course not. Mosyk, do you think a little chill will get to me?"

Mosyk didn't look at her. Y'enit swallowed hard, "come here, Mosyk." The young boy sat down next to her.

"Child, everything ends at some point. Rain, wind, and life. You understand that, don't you? Your mother taught you that. Life has to end sometimes, and things have to disappear, otherwise there wouldn't be room for anything new."

Mosyk shook his head, "you won't die, will you Y'enit? Not now..."

"I've lived a long life, Mosyk, and if Eywa decides today, tomorrow, or some other day that she wants me by her side, then I can't say no to her."

Tears ran down Mosyk's face, and he got up, "well she can wait! I still need you here. She already has my real grandmother, she can't take another!"

"Eywa did not take Mo'at to spite you," Y'enit said levelly, "it was her time. Those are selfish thoughts, Mosyk."

"I..." Mosyk couldn't think of a reply. Maybe he was being selfish, but he didn't care! Y'enit wasn't that old, she couldn't be that sick -- she had to be all right because he felt like she understood him the most. She wasn't well liked, but she had a good life anyway and was respected at least...

"I should go home." He said shortly, turning away.

"Perhaps you should, you seem tired," Y'enit said, not hiding her frustration with his attitude.

He could only hope he could apologize tomorrow.


Takes place: Well...before Y'enit dies.

Reason for Deletion: I just didn't like it. The interaction between Y'enit and Mosyk felt forced, and Mosyk just seemed a little too meek and cautious. Plus, he didn't really know Mo'at, she died when he was about two, so he wouldn't have mentioned how attached he had been to her because he wasn't.

And in the chapter after she dies, Neytiri sort of explains death to her son, and I wanted to give Neytiri a bigger part in the story where's she's acting like a mother instead of just disciplining him.

So it just didn't work in the story the way I wanted it to, so I nixed it.

DELETED SCENE TWO: Udrau Makes His Move.

"So..." Udrau muttered, sitting next to Mosyk at dinner that night.

"So?" Mosyk asked curiously, his voiced muffled through his mouth full of food.

"So, what about you and Tanhi, then? I mean, seeing as you and Endyna are a match made by Eywa herself--"

"We are not! She's my friend...and who said that was any of your business anyway?"

"Well I was wondering if you were done, uhm, courting Tanhi -- which wasn't going well anyway--"

"Hey!" Mosyk said.

"--maybe I could try?" Udrau pressed on, ignoring Mosyk's protest.

Mosyk was torn. He wasn't interested in Tanhi anymore, to be quite honest, but Udrau just didn't seem right for her, seeing as his history was a little sketchy.

"I'm going to take your silence as a 'go for it'," Udrau said smugly.

Mosyk stuffed his mouth again to keep from replying.


Takes place: During chapter 19

Reason for Deletion: Humorous, and maybe nice for a little breather for all the stuff that will come up later, but I really needed to get on with the story. Plus, I was grasping at straws to get an argument for Mosyk as to why Udrau shouldn't try and court Tanhi. There was really no legitimate reservations to have.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Udrau, and he turned out to be a much more interesting character than I had assumed he would be, but it was just a little too much filler and not enough substance, I didn't really want to build on any other relationship besides Mosyk and Endyna.

But he does get Tanhi in the end.


Mosyk walked up to Nyra with trepidation, a few slabs of yerik meat in one hand, the other grabbing a branch near to him to keep him steady on the tree he had climbed to meet her.

"Uhm, here," he held out a slab of meat to her. She sniffed it and stared at him. "What?"

Nyra screeched, and Mosyk realized that, while he was holding it, she couldn't sink her teeth into it properly and would most likely drop it. He tossed it haphazardly into the air.

It flew in the wrong direction from which he had intended. Nyra looked at him dubiously as it fell to the ground.

"Hey, you can fly, you go get it!" He told her, frustrated.

Soon enough, Nyra screeched again and, with one swing of her tail Mosyk was knocked out of the tree and plummeted to the ground, landing in some soft grass.

"Oh, real mature! Go feed yourself!"

Looking at his hand, he realized he had left his other pieces of meat on the branch, leaving Nyra with plenty of food to enjoy.

"Stupid lizard."


Takes place: Just before Mosyk and Nyra really bond.

Reason For Deletion: This was supposed to show how much Nyra distrusts Mosyk, but it doesn't actually portray that at all. It's just Mosyk being a dumbass and Nyra being cheeky.

Plus, ikran can feed themselves, so...yeah. Unnecessary.


So, that's all I got! Hope you enjoyed those three tidbits from deep in the Phanny mind.


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