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OC fun time Quiz

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I do these on deviantART a lot.

1. What is your OC's name?

Mosyk te Eytu Jakesully'itan (Eytu for his grandfather Eytukan, and Na'vi do this whole "son of" and "daughter of" thing)

2.Any nicknames?

Just Mosyk

3.What is their age?


4.Date of birth?

...13 years after the movie (2167?)

5. What is their Chinese Zodiac sign?


6.Does he/she believe in magic?

Eywa is magic sort of. He believes in a bunch of things.

7.What is their outlook on life?

Mosyk: Never stop trying and do your best.

8.What is your favorite quote of your OC? ( Favorite thing they ever said )


"You have a plan?" Jake asked curiously, "Mosyk, you can't plan for these things. That's not how it works. If you don't feel it, then maybe Tanhi just isn't the right girl."

"Then who is? I was totally focused on Tanhi because I thought she was the one she has to be the one I can't handle it if she isn't I haven't even tried talking to any other girls because I was so sure she would be it now if I don't choose you have to choose for me and what if there isn't a 'one' and the girl you choose hates me and we live in horrible, horrible unhappiness and that makes it bad for the clan 'cause no one wants to be so unhappy-"

"Mosyk, Mosyk slow down!" Jake grabbed his son by the shoulders and gave him a small shake to get him to calm down and focus. "And try to breathe once in awhile. How long have you been thinking about this?"


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