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Fun with the Google search engine.

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In alphabetical order. Just type "are there" and then a letter.

Like I did.

"Are there any words without vowels?"

Dn't knw. Cnslt sm thr prsn.

"Are there black Amish people?"

Dunno. I get most of my info from the internet, and we all know the Amish don't have internet.

"Are there calories in sperm?"

...apparently this is a common question.

"Are there dogs in heaven?"

Don Bluth seems to think so.

"Are there earthquakes on the moon?"

Of course not.

They're moonquakes.

"Are there fat vegetarians?"

Of course not. Fat people are jolly, and vegetarians are never jolly.

"Are there girls on Chatroulette?"

HAHAHA you lonely lonely man. No, there are not. But don't let that stop you.

"Are there humans on other planets?"

I'mma go with no.

"Are there interstates in Alaska?"

Alaska is part of the United States. There should be some sort of interstate travel, right?

"Are there jails on cruise ships?"

No, silly! It's called the brig!

"Are there Kangaroos in Africa?"

Sure, why not?

"Are there leeches in Texas?"

'Round these parts we call those mooching red-neck in-laws.

"Are there Mexicans in Japan?"


"Are there nice ghosts?"

He's gonna catch 'em all cuz he's Danny Phantom.

"Are there otters in the gulf of Mexico?"

Not anymore *BAH DUM TSSSHT*

"Are there pink dolphins?"

Why is this such a popular question???

"Are there any results for 'q' in Google search?"

Nope. I checked :sad:

"Are there roads in Venice?"

Depends on the tide.

"Are there snipers on the White House?"

Maybe. You never see them until it's too late.

"Are there ties in the world cup?"

I'll have to check that out.


"Are there unicorns in the Bible?"

Sure, why not?

"Are there viruses on facebook?"

I'm been asked not to say by the voices in my computer.

"Are there worms in pork?"


"Are there zoos in Africa?"

Why would there be...oh, right, for the kangaroos.

This was fun and weird at the same time.

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