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Cablevision's Relationship Status: It's Complicated with Fox

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For once this is a non-Avatar related blog entry. Anyway this small entry is regarding the whole Fox vs Cablevision bullcrap that's going on right now. If you haven't heard already, there has been a blackout for all Cablevision customers on channels Fox 5 and My9 in the New Jersey, New York area. Why? MONEY. Fox is Demand $5 per subscriber for their channel. And whos affected? US. 3 MILLION OF US!

It's now been nearly been 2 weeks since we could watch shows like House, Family Guy, and yes.. The World Series. So whenever we go to Fox 5 we are greeted by this lovely message:


As you guys can imagine I am pretty annoyed off by this stupid corporate non-sense. With that said, Is anyone else effected by this? Would this piss you off if you were in this situation.

I am seriously considering FIOS or maybe even Direct TV. I know its not directly Cablevision's fault for Fox's rate increase, but still.

Edit - Sorry for the bad spelling. I am half asleep while writing this.

// * End Rant * //

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