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  2. cmb

    AVATAR Theory

    Thank you for posting this.
  3. Looks like both sites are dead to me. As mentioned in another post, I plan on keeping this alive until Avatar 2 in terms of hosting and software. Then we will jump-start some marketing and member engagement activities.
  4. Agreed. Sadly Avatar itself has died down. I'm keeping this alive until Avatar 2 comes out though, then things will be reworked here.
  5. Horse Jake

    My Project: Living Among Horses

    Hello everyone I would like to present to you all my project to live among horses. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a horse fan or lover of animals in general and I see a lot of characteristics of the Na'vi in animals here on Earth, especially also in horses. To express that, or rather, let horses express that themselves and enable people to 'See' that, I have developed this idea for a facility where people can live among horses for a while, much like Jake Sully lived among the Na'vi. It would be financially self-sustaining, but requires substantial starting capital. Well, it's a somewhat complex concept, so I decided to make a webpage about it. Besides, I need about $5 million to realize it and crowd funding will not work on something like this, so I also need to look for supporters and possible investors. Anyway, the webpage is called "Living Among Horses" and it's online since yesterday! :-) Here's the link: www.LivingAmongHorses.com About copyrighted material: I do use copyrighted images and film stills of AVATAR on my webpage, but nothing that hasn't been published already. So I hope that's ok. This isn't a commercial webpage after all but just a little private homepage. I do hope you all enjoy it, even if I realize that not everyone is into horses like I am. Best regards, another 'Jake' here __________________ Real-life Na'vi here on Earth? You bet. This is where I found them: www.LivingAmongHorses.com
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