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    Avatar 2...still planned in 2015?

    Haven't heard any news, is Avatar 2 still planned to be released in 2015? I know it used to be 2014....Boy we have a lot of waiting to do..
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    The Woodsprite, a sign of Eywa's favor, is the seed of the sacred tree.
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    Poll for AvatarMeet 2013

    AvatarMeet 2013: Location and Date Proposal. Your AvatarMeet team has been taking a long hard look at where and when to hold the next meet up. From the survey that was conducted post AvatarMeet 2012, there was an even split between east and west coasts of the US as a location. We have considered following the Avatar Exhibition, which will be in Indianapolis next summer a well as places that provide links to the themes in Avatar and people's suggestions. Another important factor is being close to a large population of Avatar fans and having good transport connectivity. So taking into account feedback from both the survey and clan members, the proposal for 2013 is: Proposed Location: Washington DC Proposed Date: 25th - 28th July 2013 What's with the thinking?: Takes AvatarMeet to the east coast of the US to allow fans from that side the country the opportunity to meet. It is more accessible for people from across the Atlantic to join in the gathering. Excellent transport links by rail, road and air both nationally and internationally. All visitor attractions are in the same locality. Theme link to Avatar 1: Space and Flight Museum. Theme link to Avatar 2: National Museum of the American Indian. Theme link to Avatar 3: Botanical Garden. Theme link to Avatar 4: Washington Zoo. The first three are all located next to each other, with Washington Zoo a short metro ride away. The date avoids events like Comic-Con. All the museums are free to visit. All the places of interest are in the same locality. To cast your vote in the poll, go to one of the 3 websites below: Tree of Souls: www.tree-of-souls.com Learn Na'vi: www.learnnavi.org Avatar-Forums: www.avatar-forums.com The poll should be located in the "AvatarMeet" section of each of these forums.
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    Happy Avatar Day and Happy 3rd Avatar Release Anniversary, Avatar Prime friends and Avatar fans and geeks!! It's been three years since Avatar was released in theatres and we're still loving and enjoying it and all its related with it, doing everything about Avatar, like learning Na'vi, writing fan-fictions, collecting merchandising, listening to its soundtrack, playing Avatar games, drawing pictures, and watching Avatar more than once, and much more; I hope we still do, while waiting arrival of the sequels, and all of that. I hope we still love and enjoy Avatar many more years, this forum lasts, and I get all my Avatar geek objectives I want to reach. Oel ayngati kameie. I See You All.
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    Nitiris' Child

    It was night time in Pandora, all of the forest was lit up in purples and blues. Jake and Netiri were running bouncing of the springy ground which lit up they touched it. They watched the little flying lizards whirring overhead, Neitiri was clutching a small bundle to her chest. It was her newborn child Ralu, she smiled at Jake fondly, they were running to their childs ceremony, where the people welcome a new being into life. Ralus' tail was wrapped around Netiris' arm, and starring up at her with grreinsh golden eyes. "Calm gentle one, calm." Netiri spoke to Ralu. As they approached Hometree, the whole clan seated or standing was waiting for them. As soon as they walked in eager faces were closing in trying to catch a glimpse of Netiris' bundle. Olo' eyktan and the Tsahik were smiling at them. Jake stroked Ralus' face and kisse her fore-head. "I see you." said Olo' eyktan to Jake and Netiri Every Na'vi gathered round and touched Ralu one by one. After the ceremony, Jake and Netiri went up to their plant hammocks and slept Ralu slept with Netiri. ***** Jake woke up early and went down the spiral passage to a small room to eat, he picked up a ki'ong and bit into it, the juice was sweet and refreashing. "Kaltxi Jake," Netiri said and walked into the room, carrying Ralu. "I see you." Replied Jake and walked over to Ralu. "Isn't she beutiful?" Netiri smiled. "Yes, she has your beutiful face." Jake replied, just at this moment of tenderness K'han walked in. K'han was one of Jakes best friends and a good hunter. "Seykxel si nitram!" He smiled, then he met Jakes' eyes. Jake had the look of 'you skxawng you ruined it!' K'han picked up some nuts and berries and walked out of the room. "Lets go and see Eywa." Jake took Netiri's hand and they left. ***** When they arrived at The Tree Of Souls they took a handful of the glowing purple strings and linked. 'Thank you Eywa for Ralu' Jake thought, he looked over at Netiri, 'oh she's just too beutiful.' he thought and took her head in his hands and kissed her. 'Yes' thought Jake still linked, 'Thoank you for everything.' -x- If you would like to hear more of this story please mail me.