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  1. ProClerk

    Have you ever photoshopped yourself into a Na'Vi?

    nice and awesome Photoshop of all you member who posted1
  2. ProClerk

    Two arts that drew me in

    Nice art and great art ever seen before!
  3. ProClerk

    Drawing and Video Fanart

    Awesome pics, best collection ever seen!
  4. ProClerk

    promo images

    Jeff I think you are a great fan of Avatar .
  5. ProClerk

    avatar soundtrack

    Avatar soundtrack is awesome and I have so many versions of Avatar sound track!
  6. ProClerk

    Who's That Singer..

    Yes I think he is Sissel , I recognized his voice
  7. ProClerk

    Favorite Song?

    War is my favorite song ever had in this movie. nice and awesome song.
  8. ProClerk

    The movie would be nothing...

    Yes I agree with you, wonderful sing man .
  9. ProClerk

    This is amazing.

    Yes this is so awesome and that boy was so nice drummer.
  10. yes I listen mostly the Avatar sound track when I was sad.
  11. ProClerk

    When you listen to Avatar Music...

    I feel great , highly inspirational movie.
  12. ProClerk

    Favorite Movies

    Avatar Inception Mirrors 2 Transporter 2
  13. ProClerk

    Sanctum better than Avatar

    No way! Avatar is great movie ever had!
  14. ProClerk

    What are you listening to currently

    Currently I listen the last was Closer to the edge.
  15. ProClerk

    What was the last movie you saw?

    The last movie I saw is Mirrors 2, it was a great movie.