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  1. ok, i know this is a tiny detail, but when you see anything that has been shot by a Na'Vi, the fletching is very prominent. and for a people who are so skilled in so many ways, i'm always surprised at how ratty the fletching is whenever i see it-the barbs havent been smoothed down so they would fly better. but the real question that drives me buggy is: WHERE ARE THE BIRDS??!! i've watched so many versions, read the 'survival guide' which lists many of the animals, etc, and so far as i can tell, there arent any creatures that have feathers that i can tell. Cameron made it clear that there are no animals on Pandora that have fur, but you see feathers-real feathers, not leaves from plants- on the arrows, on people as decorations...look at Neytiri in her battledress. she has a number of feathers on one side of her head, including one that is clearly a pheasant tail feather. ,,,,so, anyone know where they get their feathers??
  2. BlueMagnolia

    Grace's Avatar's Nose

    i was just reading the big book on the making of the movie, and Grace's Avatar face was discussed. the reason it looks more human than Na'Vi is because when they did the nose like the others, it changed her face too much, making her not recongniseable as Grace. somewhere, i read the 'explaination': that she was one of the first Avatars made, and the early versions look more human than Na'Vi. :)works for me!
  3. BlueMagnolia

    "You Don't Dream in Cryo" Meaning and Logic

    its short for Cryogenics, the careful freezing of someone to slow their body systems down close to death, then revive them on arrival. to me, the drops of water/liquid are tears...in the special edition, they went from the scene where he sees his brother being cremated, and the face of his brother-surrounded by flame-morphs to Jake's. there are the droplets hovering over Jake's face, and he watches them float together and join. i find myself wondering if that isnt symbolic of his taking on his brother's responsibilites and Avatar?
  4. BlueMagnolia

    Im unfortunate to say..

    order one of the directors cut sets of the movie....i got mine a week ago, and im still discovering new things! ...and new things i want to ask questions about! ^_^
  5. BlueMagnolia

    What If You Were Choosen..

    i really dont know which i would choose....certainly not to return to the trashed Earth. but to choose to have an Avatar, that only lets me be whole and healthy for a few hours a day... (im disabled myself, which is one reason im drawn to this movie)..that would be so depressing. and how long do the Avatars live/last? and to be a tech, watching people go out in their Avatars, while left behind in my chair...again, very depressing. i think i could only bear it if the Na'vi allowed people the option they gave Jake- to permanently be transferred to the Avatar, leaving behind the defective human body i now am imprisoned in.
  6. BlueMagnolia

    Avatar Toys

    im hoping for my family to get me the Toruk, and Jake and Neytiri to ride him....i have a handmade fabric model of a firelizard (Anne McCaffry's Dragonriders of Pern) hanging from the celiing of our bedroom...with a little Captain Picard sitting on her neck! ^_^ it took my husband a while to get used to seeing her hanging there. if i could get the Toruk, i would hang him where the firelizard is now, move her over, and hang my little model of Toothless, from "How To Train Your Dragon" on the end of the line. i've done this kind of thing for years-i have a model of a falcon, made of cardstock weight paper, that hung on the light in my dorm room, and it used to freak people coming in all the time...we had bats get in the dorm now and then, and people would think 'BAT!' ^o^
  7. BlueMagnolia

    Norm....... Dead or Alive?

    Norm's Avatar was hit in the shoulder, and that seemed to throw him out of the link. but you see him later, in human form, gun in hand, going back into the battle, but you never see his Avatar again....what happened to it? and you see Norm in the gauntlet, gun still in hand, watching the Sky People being escorted onto the shuttle.
  8. BlueMagnolia

    Quaritch, friend or foe?

    monomaniacal power freak, without a doubt. and what blows my mind is that there could be talk of his coming back in the next movie, with the quote, "as long as there is my DNA, anything is possible", of something to that effect. i know all shows have to have a villian, but please, no more Manifest Destiny types!
  9. BlueMagnolia


    Grace will come back as one of the voices of Eywa, im sure, since they have shown they can communicate with her through the Tree of Souls. while it wouldnt be as fun, Trudy's soul might be there as well.
  10. BlueMagnolia

    Your Favorite Pictures of Jake Sully

    Im new to taking screencaps off movies, so im sorry for the quality. But i really wanted a shot of Jake in his Toruk Macto gear, with his Toruk, while his clans come in.
  11. BlueMagnolia

    Relation between Tsu'tey and Neytiry

    I have a feeling that Mo'at saw that Jake was better balanced, and would make a better leader, and so put his training in the hands of Neyteri, leaving the rest to 'nature', as we say. ;-)