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    [News] A very Happy Birthday to Avatar producer Jon Landau

    Whoops, was mixing Jon Landau with James Horner. What a dummy. Of course Jon is the other one! Need to get a message to James Horner. Kiyevame.
  2. mikyunyu

    [News] A very Happy Birthday to Avatar producer Jon Landau

    Talking of Jon Landau, (Happy birthday, by the way) is there the remotest chance that there is video of the music being performed? I really, really would like to see the performance of the music for "War". The drumming is out of this world. Those drummers must have been havng the time of their lives. Can anyone help me here?
  3. mikyunyu

    [News] "You're not in Kansas anymore. You're on Pandora."

    ... you are on Pandora, ladies and gentlemen. Respect that fact every second of every day. If there is a hell you might want to go there after a tour on Pandora. Out there beyond that fence ... [who'll pick up from here?]
  4. I don't mind how long we have to wait, (well, I do actually) as long as the English dialogue is a lot more inspired. "Dug in like a tick" Yuck! And "Outstanding" needs to be banned.
  5. mikyunyu

    How did you find AvatarPrime?

    Hello Sikat. 2012 huh? Long time ... I'm not a frequent poster either. Mainly because I have real trouble with internet connections. And work, of course.
  6. mikyunyu

    Norm....... Dead or Alive?

    Maybe it's best to talk not of being 'alive', but of being 'inhabited'. The avatar body is just an empty shell until it has been linked with its human. In an unused alternative scene, Norm's avatar is shot to smithereens by Wainfleet who then says "Now that didn't hurt." And when we cut to Norm he is in extreme pain, clutching his stomach area, where Wainfleet had pumped all the bullets. It's one of those tiny continuity hiccups that happens when bits get cut out. But by now, I reckon everyone's figured that out, right?
  7. mikyunyu

    The Counting Game...

    And we arise from the deep slumber to ask: "Why are we not counting in Na'vi?" That way we would know how to say 58 in 2013! So I'm off to LN. Kiyevame.
  8. mikyunyu

    How did you find AvatarPrime?

    Just disembarked from Venture Star. Am on the Avatart Program. Am in the lab waiting to be introduced to Grace Augustine and was checking out ToS website ... so "Kaltxi", better now than never ...
  9. mikyunyu

    Useful Avatar Resources & Sites

    My search for all things Na'vi goes on. Irayo for the links. They are timeless!