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    Avatar 2...still planned in 2015?

    ________________________________________ Yeah I figured 2015 would be way too good to be true. It sounded very early considering they hadn't started filming yet. The first movie spent over 2 years in post-production. While I don't think Part 2 will take quite that long, it wouldn't surprise me if he pushed it back an additional year to Dec 2017. Still, I do think that whatever he comes up with will definitely be worth any wait. ~ Colonel Quaritch -- Stephen Lang -- The Monkey's Paw -- http://monkeyspawthemovie.com/
  2. I mean, it seems sort of hard to explain after the ending of Avatar, but I've been seeing rumors flying around the internet about it. Personally, I'd be perfectly fine with him returning. I love Stephen Lang and I loved his portrayal as Quaritch. He seems to have a knack for playing villains. For all the other Stephen Lang fans out there, I've also heard he's great in The Monkey's Paw, where it looks like coincidentally he also plays the villain: http://monkeyspawthemovie.com/ How would you guys feel about Quaritch returning? Either way, looking forward to December 2016!