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    sungai petani,kedah malaysia
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    in all types of martial arts.
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    Anis Faalihah
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    neytiri,tsutey and jakesully
  1. you all also can reply's email with me at [email protected] :smile:

  2. Wira Perwira

    [News] Which creature do you want to learn more about?

    A and C about Banshee and Tetrapteron
  3. i also on facebook and twitter...Avatar Tsutey

    1. cmb
    2. Wira Perwira

      Wira Perwira

      hi :smile: you can add me on facebook Wira Perwira :biggrin:

  4. Wira Perwira

    Finding out your name in Navi

    what my name in na'vi Anis Faalihah and Wira Perwira???
  5. Wira Perwira

    Finding out your name in Navi

    don't know...what my name in na'vi..Anis faalihah and Wira perwira?
  6. my facebook Wira Perwira