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  1. Robert

    Origin of your Username

    How exactly did your name come to be on the net? What's the story? Me? Mine is my name, it doesn't get much easier.
  2. Predict who you think the next poster is going to be . Eh, Shadow82x.
  3. Robert

    The "Sex Scene"

    True. Especially blue alien sex sells haha. I'm interested in knowing if anything else is different though? (Not in a perverted sense.)
  4. Robert


    Welcome to AP!
  5. Robert

    Avatar Poll Forum

    Yes/Doesn't Really Matter. But would be cool to have.
  6. 140 new notifications

  7. Robert

    The "Avatar" Chills

    I don't think your alone there as get them too.
  8. Robert

    What was the last movie you saw?

    Last movie I saw was Avatar SE, it was pretty terrible.
  9. I haven't heard any news on this in a while. Back in May there were rumors saying Jame's book would be releases in December 2010. That said, I'm sure it's been postponed but does anyone know until when?
  10. I know its been stated somewhere, however I can't seem to find it again. What is the Earth as described in Avatar like in 2154?
  11. Robert

    Pandora Climate

    Anyone else notice that the Pandora climate looks identical to earth's? Is this by design? Looks like it maybe slightly hotter than Earth however with all the bug like creatures although we never see the Navi sweat. But I'm guessing Pandora is a similar distance away from the Sun when compared to Earth.
  12. Robert

    How would you change Avatar?

    I would have actually enjoyed it if Avatar was a bit longer. I know others would hate this, but I would actually enjoy it.
  13. Wow. Interesting article -- thanks for posting. I still question if our science would be able to do this.. but meh.
  14. Robert

    2014 Release?

    What!??!? Thought the eta was for 2013. James Cameron is slacking!!
  15. That post deserves quoting again. =)