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  1. Jeff

    Guess the next poster

    Heck yes! I win Shadow
  2. Jeff

    AvatarPrime has been interviewed

    It was a win win situation
  3. Jeff

    Guess the next poster

    nope. phantom
  4. Thanks for all the well wishes guys but we honestly could not have done it without all of you registering on here and posting so give yourselves all a big pat on the back.
  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!
  6. Jeff

    Hello everyone

    welcome, if you need anything feel free to let us know.
  7. Jeff

    Sanctum (A new Jame's Cameron Movie)

    It looks great, I personally cannot wait to see it but cannot see it opening night, probably sometime next week or so.
  8. Jeff

    pickup artist shoots woman in face

    He's insane, also he give all the good pickup artists a bad name. i mean honestly "these are my rape goggles"
  9. Jeff

    Guess the next poster

    guess again. spartan now though .
  10. Jeff

    Guess the next poster

    naww but SC will post now.
  11. Jeff


    Your talking to him. Just send me a PM of what you want i.e size color render(s) if desired overall theme light / dark other information you deem necessary.
  12. Jeff

    Guess the next poster

    uhh spartan what are you doing?
  13. Jeff

    Guess the next poster

    haha in your dreams spartan will post now.
  14. Jeff


    Sounds like you'll be a great part of our community here. I look forward to seeing your writings in the future. I'm an aspiring writer but recently my writing began to suck so I gave up. No guarantees about keeping it cleanish but I guess as staff we have to set the professional tone so i'll try . If you need anything at all just shoot me a PM.