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  1. Mmarzex

    This Uber Cool Youtube Video

    Very interesting
  2. Mmarzex

    The Ubuntu Thread

    You will have to tell me what you think of it once you try it then.
  3. Mmarzex

    The Ubuntu Thread

    Yeah that is the only decent looking part of the new ubuntu to me and that is the netbook edition. I just am happy with what I have on my netbook now to justify trying anything else out.
  4. Mmarzex

    The Ubuntu Thread

    I use archlinux on my desktop which is the best distro you can use in my opinion and then all my other computers are macs now. I agree with you though gabriel ubuntu just is getting more and more buggy and rushed. I do not agree with there release schedule at all. It makes things seem rushed.
  5. Mmarzex

    The Social Network

    I haven't seen it but I heard it is supposed to be a pretty good movie. I plan to see it tomorrow or monday.
  6. Mmarzex

    Playing With XenForo

    Both have their pros and cons. I personally really like xenforo but I don't like the daunting task of porting everything unless of course there is strong support in the xenforo direction.
  7. Mmarzex

    Anyone try out Firefox 4.0?

    It is definitely a nice browser. I'll be sticking with chrome or safari still though.
  8. Mmarzex

    New Theme = Laggy?

    It might have to do with your screen resolution. What is your screen resolution?
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  11. Skin Merging is hell todo.

    1. Spartan


      I would think so, i mean your skin regrows, now merging is something else

  12. Mmarzex

    Big Update Means Big Things

    That is an internal gallery code issue that is fixed for the next release of it. So that is just going to have to be dealt with right now. The forums were just upgraded we are working on the bugs. Things don't just magically work but everything will work once we fix up all the kinks. If you want to talk about big bugs you should look at all the reasons that no one but invisionfree use ipb 1.3.
  13. Hello all, As you all know AvatarPrime went down for a few hours for maintence. During that time we successfully upgraded the forums to Invision Power Boards 3.1. With this update comes many notable new features, such as you will notice now that at the bottom of any topic there are now links to share the topic through your various favorite social networking sites. A notification system has also been implemented meaning that whenever you get a new private message or a reply to a watched topic it will notify you at the top bar next to your username. Another new feature included is also the topic preview which enables you to see a preview of a topic without actually having to load the topic. Also as many of you are aware the staff here asked your opinion on whether you would rather have the Blog or Gallery add-on, the general consensus was the blogs. Well we decided why not have both so as of today both the Blogs and Gallery apps are available to you. So go post some blog entries and upload your favorite Avatar Pictures. You will also notice a link at the top titled Pages that is going to be the new AvatarPrime homepage it is currently being worked on and will be online soon. You can go there now to see a preview of things as they are added. For a full list of changes in this version of the software go to this link here. Well have fun with these new features and post feedback or any problems you have. Thanks, The AvatarPrime Management. Edit - We are also aware there are many layout glitches and theme issues. We plan on fixing these within the next couple of days. If you want a pixel perfect theme with everything looking great please select the "IP.Board" theme in the theme box below. Edit 2 - If you haven't done so already please clear your browser cache! Certain things on the page will not look right unless you do so. This post has been promoted to an article
  14. Mmarzex


    Test Blog Feed.