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  1. Dun dun dunnn...it's my birthday. :tongue:

  2. bought a new laptop, and possibly a free Xbox.

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      when you get on Live, send us your Gamertag :biggrin: also, get Modern Warfare 2 :smile:

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      My brother will probably using it more than me, though :happy:;

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      Better than a Futon! lol

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    Fanfic: Rough Around the Edges

    Okay, I fixed the funky html on the first few posts, but I stopped giving a crap halfway through, so you guys can deal. Let's finish this up. I felt bad just leaving it here, anyway, even if it is late -- this is for the people who are too lazy to follow the link in the first post. --Phanny ___Chapter 21____ The sensation of free-falling was all too familiar to Mosyk, and he would always hate how it felt like the air itself was whistling through him, making him nauseous, and the wind roaring in his ears so that the rest of the world faded out of existence -- all that was left was the sensation of falling, the wind, and his imminent death. Mosyk knew that this would be nothing like his experience with Endyna and the waterfall. The water below him was almost all white with thundering rapids. If he didn’t drown, the force would smash him into one of the many jagged rocks and crush him. He couldn’t even pretend to have any hope. ‘Eywa, I saved my clan,’ he silently begged, ‘I did good, didn’t I? I helped save your children…I’m your child, too, right?’ Eywa didn’t answer. Was this her will? Was he meant to die this way? “Stop that moaning, child,” when Mosyk heard that voice, the only thing he could think of was that, if this was Eywa, she sounded a lot like Y’enit, “you will not die today.” ‘…Y’enit?’ “You have done well by saving the people,” Y’enit’s voice pressed on, “but there is so much more to do for them before you will join me here.” Her words were slightly reassuring, Mosyk wasn’t convinced. It was hopeless, even the smallest child could see that. He was about to hit the water… So why did he land on something solid? Beneath him was something solid, warm, and it was moving. Before he could comprehend what it was on his own, the thing made a low “nyrrh” sound. “Nyra…” Somehow his ikran had found him, had sensed his danger, and had rescued him. Frankly, he didn’t care how she knew. Soon Mosyk realized that Nyra was flying blindly -- she had no idea where to go. Now that she had accomplished what she wanted, she was expecting him to guide her through the rest. Mosyk made Tsahaylu quickly, fear rippling through him at the thought of being ‘accidentally’ thrown off of her back. ‘Back to the top…’ he told her silently, hoping she would understand. Luckily, she seemed to well enough, and landed near where Jake, Txur, and Taw were standing anxiously, Jake with his head in his hands before he looked up at Nyra. His eyes were wide with a relief that he couldn’t put into words. Mosyk dazedly got off of Nyra’s back, his eyes narrowed with exhaustion. “Father…” Mosyk murmured weakly, “I did good…?” “You did very good,” Jake told him. This seemed to appease Mosyk, for immediately after hearing those words, he promptly collapsed with a moan of exhaustion. --- “You’re sure he’s all right, right?” Fuzzy voices weaved in and out of Mosyk’s brain as he began to awaken. The first one sounded vaguely like Endyna, though he couldn’t be sure. “He is fine. A few cuts and bruises, but he’s just exhausted now. He will wake soon, be patient.” Mosyk opened his eyes, searching the faces of those surrounding him -- his mother and father, Endyna, Udrau…as he looked, he saw their faces change from worry to relief. Mosyk attempted to sit up, and his eyes widened when he did, and he gasped in pain. Every part of his body was incredibly sore, and he winced. “Mistake,” he groaned as he lay back down on his hammock, “that was a mistake, ow.” “Keep still,” Ha’ni told him, “you’ll be feeling that for awhile.” Mosyk let out a pathetic sounding moan of displeasure, “no fair…” Neytiri stroked her son’s hair fondly, “it is a small price to pay. You saved the clan, Mosyk, we are very proud of you.” “And happy you aren’t dead,” Udrau added helpfully. Mosyk noticed Endyna hadn’t said anything to him, and he looked her in the eyes, where he saw an emotion he couldn’t describe, but the way she looked at him alone made his insides warm up. She wanted to tell him something, he could see that, but it was meant only for his ears. She wanted them to be alone. He could wait. --- Mosyk was limping out of the medicine hollow slowly, headed towards home, when Endyna brushed his arm with her fingers as she passed by. Taking the hint, he followed her to a very secluded area of Hometree, where she helped him sit down before she did the same. “You came back,” were her first words. “I came back,” Mosyk nodded, seeing in her eyes how much those simple words meant to her. “I want to know,” Endyna looked apprehensive, “you know what we, uhm, did before you left, right?” “I was there,” Mosyk smiled at the memory. “Well, I was thinking…” Endyna continued, “I know you didn‘t push me away, but…were you just afraid you wouldn‘t be back, or did you really, really mean it? I-I know you like Tanhi, too, and I‘m just your friend--” “Tanhi is pretty,” Mosyk said, and his heart sank at her betrayed expression, “but you’re…you. You’re my best friend, I can tell you anything, we know each other…” Mosyk trailed off when he realized it. His father’s advice from what seemed like ages ago rang in his ears, “and we See each other, don’t we?” Endyna smiled and nodded, “I See you,” she said, “every day, whenever we talk.” “My eyes were on other girls for awhile,” Mosyk admitted, then he leaned back and pulled her close to him, “my heart is with you. I was just too much of a skxawng to see it.” When Endyna just laughed, he frowned. “You should say that I’m not stupid and that you love me because I am a smart and handsome boy.” Endyna just leaned on his chest, giggling. “Stop it! If you want to be my future mate, you at least have to pretend you think I’m cool.” Endyna paused. “You want me to be your mate, Mosyk?” Mosyk blushed and backpedaled quickly, “I--uhm, well, that is…if you, you know…wanted to think about it…maybe you’d be a good Tsahik, and…” “If you want to know the truth,” Endyna began, and Mosyk tensed. She was gonna say no, he knew it! “…I’ve actually thought about it a lot.” Mosyk relaxed, pleased and comforted, “you think you could make a good leader out of me?” “Eh, my mother said everyone starts out a little rough around the edges at first,” Endyna shrugged, “and that things get smoother with time. Don’t worry.” Mosyk just sighed, smiling and looking out at the open sky as the sun began to set and the stars flickered to life. The monster was gone, the clan was safe, he was in love, and he couldn’t help but relax completely, hugging his love closer to him, as he thought about how right everything seemed -- like there was never any trouble at all, and Pandora had never seemed more beautiful.
  4. New Panic! At The Disco album is finally in my possession!

  5. me = f*cking high school graduate, bitches.

  6. done with high school bitches. Now just gotta make it to graduation...

  7. Almost done with school at last.

  8. Prom was uneventful.

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  9. lost The Game again; need to take a hit of Charlie Sheen and win at everything.

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      Maybe you should live with 2 lesbians and call them Godesses.. then you might win..

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      The game ended atleast a year ago newfriend.

  10. Oh yea, it's pretty much dead. But I assume it will spring back to life soon... I hope...

  11. During the summer most likely.

    When I came back like a week ago this place was dead...

  12. Well that sucks more than a Philipino hooker.... But you'll likely be able to participate in an RP durring the summer right? 'cause I really miss you in RP, it was a lot of fun.

    All I've got left are my furry RP's on other forums and goddamn, they aren't updating worth shit eiter.

  13. I can't RP. I don't know how often I'll be on so I can't get into anything that will give people the need to rely on me. DD: that's not fair to people.

    School has been keeping me away.