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  1. Nice to see AVPrime back. Hope all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. cmb


      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Enkrptic-Na'vi

    Increase in Spam Registrations

    Crafty little buggers aren't they...the spammers I mean. ha ha. Glad to see you guys are keeping the place tidy. Good job. :thumbsup: Aketuan
  3. Enkrptic-Na'vi

    Steve Jobs Dies

    He was a computer industry pioneer and hero to many in my generation myself included. His vision of the future and how technology should work will live on. Aketuan (Ken)
  4. Enkrptic-Na'vi

    Terra Nova

    What do you think of Terra Nova on Fox? Do you like it or not? Does Earth 85 million years ago remind you of Pandora? Do you see any similarities in the message between Avatar and Terra Nova? Personally, I like the show and I'm curious what my fellow Avatar fans think. :secret: Aketuan
  5. A question to the people... Does anyone know if James Cameron has interest in 3rd party writers to create stories within his "Avatar" universe? If so...does anyone know how to contact him or his representatives? I've looked across several sites and there doesn't seem to be anything standing out...so I thought I'd pose the question here on the forum. Perhaps I've over looked it or just not looked in the right place yet. Thanks in advance... Aketuan
  6. Enkrptic-Na'vi

    [News] What's Sam Worthington up to now?

    We could name the bot "Sam"! Ok...I'm just kidding. Although Maura's question is a good one. Jay Leno asked him about it a couple weeks ago on his show and based on Sam's answer my guess is, Yes. :secret: Aketuan
  7. A decade is defined as 10 years. When you look at it on a calendar it seems like a long time...that is until we reflect back on a beautiful Monday morning a decade ago today. September 11, 2001. When you think of that date does it feel like it's been 10 long years since that fateful day that changed the world. Yes, it changed me, you, everyone, Christian and Muslim alike. Today is September 11, 2011 (12 Shawwal 1432) NEVER FORGET, NEVER AGAIN! God Bless the U.S.A. Ken (aka Aketuan)
  8. Hi everyone, Anyone know if there's any Avatar fan parties planned for DragonCon this year in Atlanta? It's looking hopeful that I'll be able to make it to the Con this year. :fun: Aketuan
  9. Wow how the time flies! :secret:
  10. Enkrptic-Na'vi

    Avatar TV premire gets lots of sponsors

    "Hopefully we wont see the day where they replay it 1000 times on USA." Of course you will. It is the natural progression of movies to go from the big screen to the small and yes...eventually even to USA and the like. To make things worse, it will be modified to fit your screen and probably edited down to fit into a standard TV movie time slot with allotted commercial time included. I'm sorry if this post makes anyone sick but it's just the cold hard truth. :shock: Aketuan
  11. Enkrptic-Na'vi

    Avatar Signed Poster Going For $700

    I'll be at Dragon Con this year. I'll look around the dealers floor and see if they have any signed lithographs for Avatar. I'm sure they wont be cheap. I'm also going to keep an eye out for Na'vi walking the halls. :police: Aketuan
  12. Enkrptic-Na'vi

    Rise of Planet of the Apes

    I saw it. I went in with low expectations planning to just enjoy the WETA CGI for the apes but in the end I really enjoyed the story as well. Acting was top notch. If they decide to make another I'm sure I'll go see it. Not trying to spoil anything but if you're a fan of the original then theirs plenty of nods to it in the film and some double as hints about a follow on movie. If you liked Avatar, I think you'll enjoy this movie as well. That's my take on it, Aketuan
  13. Enkrptic-Na'vi

    US and the Middle East

    Can you make that a parking deck? I hate getting wet. :evil: Aketuan ps. I hope you guys know I'm kidding....
  14. Enkrptic-Na'vi

    3D vs 2D Movies. What is the future?

    I think we'll see a lot of marketing experiments because the technology is pretty much there. The question will be...what sales. 3D in the theater has already proven profitable (ex. Avatar and Harry Potter D.H. pt. 2). Now you can find the tech in everything from TVs to tiny cell phones and just about anything in between that uses a screen for viewing. In the end I think some of these will fall by the weigh side as novelties or be relegated into niche markets while some of them will go mainstream and your kids will never know a day without 3D. Hope you enjoyed my random speculations.... :secret: Aketuan
  15. Enkrptic-Na'vi

    How many times did you see Avatar?

    I'm beyond counting....especially since I own both versions on Blu-Ray. Saw it 4 times in the theatre. Aketuan