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  1. I think they are waiting way to long.. many have lost interest, and the ones who still love it are hardcore fans
  2. Oh boy.. but 2016 is a bit far away.. i think they are waiting WAY too long
  3. Spartan


    So do i.. but mostly to clear some spammers. otherwise, just to see if anything is new.
  4. Spartan

    Avatar 2...still planned in 2015?

    I thought it was still 2014 and 3 was in 2015 :/
  5. Writing a Mass Effect fanfic.. post Destroy ending.. should be epic

  6. Spartan

    What Are You Listening To?

    Been playing a ton of Xbox since.. well i think Unap knows. I call it a blessing in disguise
  7. Spartan

    The Return of AP

    Kind of can't wait till the IRC Chat is back up and running. But looks like we got some work here to do.. *grabs hammer*
  8. AP is back?! YES!

    1. cmb
    2. Spartan


      Well than how did I post that status?! yeah, thought so :smile:

    3. cmb


      Now AP is back :tongue:

  9. Spartan

    Na'vi arrows and their fletching

    the animals have feathers >.> they kill them, and take the feathers off them.. forgot the name of the thing that tried to act big against Jake before hes chased by the thanator (or whatever its name is).. remember that? yeah feathers around its head.. as for the arrows, the Na'vi are still primitve, so they dont have anything to make the arrows nice and stright
  10. Spartan

    Disney's "John Carter" film

    most good films get terrible reviews, but end up being a must see atleast once. I personally have no drive to see it, so ill take your word for it Rachel
  11. 1200 spam bots caught! Dont people have better things to do then make bots? Whatever, back to Avatar themed stuff..

    1. cmb


      Most of them are automated, not done by humans.

    2. Enkrptic-Na'vi


      yep...just botnets...being sold to the highest spam bidder usually.

  12. FInally! i was cleaning up the best i could, but it became t0o much
  13. and i think that mountain rage was renamed after the floating mountains or im just crazy
  14. Spartan


    I almost deleted this topic LOL but how are you doing? welcome to AP we'll be back to 100% by 2013 with the relase of Avatar 2