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  1. Neytiri Fan

    US and the Middle East

    What are your thoughts of the U.S being in the middle east. Should the US be sending more troops or less? Is there a purpose of being there?
  2. Neytiri Fan

    Norm....... Dead or Alive?

    Wasn't Norm Spellman was shot to death in one of the battle scenes? Or have I mistaken him for someone else? I noticed he was standing guard at the end scene when the "aliens went to their dying planet."
  3. Neytiri Fan

    Im unfortunate to say..

    I haven't seen Avatar in so long I'm starting to lose interest in the movie.. Any suggestions?
  4. Neytiri Fan

    Response to Recent Site Hack

    Stupid low-lifes. Good thing we have shadow :-)
  5. Neytiri Fan

    Do you still watch Avatar?

    Do you guys still watch Avatar on a often basis? I havent seen it in a over a year...As a matter of fact I probably wont see it again until right before Avatar 2 comes out.
  6. Neytiri Fan

    EstebanAVTRBoy introduction

    Welcome to the site!
  7. Neytiri Fan

    The Return of AP

    Glad to see AP isn't dead forever. Now I just want some news on Avtar 2. Btw nice design here. Very avatar like
  8. Neytiri Fan

    What did Santa Bring you?

    What did Santa bring you for Christmas? Anyone get the Avatar Special Edition DVD they were waiting for?
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/Avatar-signed-poster-James-Cameron-Weaver-2-PSA-/110603047047?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19c0749087 Anyone wanna buy it? xD
  10. Not really my cup of tea, but what is everyones thoughts on this potential movie?
  11. http://www.business-...ponsors/445635/
  12. Loves the new design here!

  13. Neytiri Fan

    Avatar TV premire gets lots of sponsors

    Any TRUE Avatar fan will not watch this on TV, expecially cable TV.
  14. Neytiri Fan

    ...And were back

    Are we able to add avatars via our own URL in this new control panel?
  15. Neytiri Fan

    ...And were back

    Oh and the blog and gallery section look much cooler now.
  16. Neytiri Fan

    ...And were back

    Wow! It looks so sexy. It's like ToS's theme but more modern. (Sorry haha)
  17. Neytiri Fan

    Theme Bug

    See Attached bug.tiff
  18. Neytiri Fan

    Unplanned Maintenance - 7/14/11

    Noticed it was offline..Good choice making daily backups.
  19. Neytiri Fan

    2012 HUGE Multi-Forum Meetup

    By the way, Are you guys renting out a movie theater and watching Avatar in 3D? That would totally be awesome.
  20. Neytiri Fan

    2012 HUGE Multi-Forum Meetup

    Doubt I would be able to catch a ride there, but if I was in the area I would definately attend. Be sure to post pictures of the meetup if anyone here goes.
  21. Neytiri Fan

    Happy 4th of July!

    Hope everyone has a great holiday!