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  1. The Na'vi queue appears as a long braid, but the hair actually encases an intricate system of neural tendrils. These tendrils can be used to connect to a similar structure of other life forms, like the direhorse and mountain banshee, which after connecting can be controlled by the Na'vi. Na'vi also use the queue to sense the energetic and kinetic signals transmitted by creatures, plants and even the moon.
  2. Pandora is nearly the size of Earth, even though it is only a moon orbiting the gas giant Polyphemus. Alien Planet Is Smaller Than Earth and Surprisingly Light www.space.com A Mars-size planet about 200 light-years from our solar system has turned out to be the lightest known alien world orbiting a normal star, researchers say. It is the first exoplanet smaller than Earth with both its mass and size measured.
  3. The Bush Boss FD-3 is a flamethrower used by RDA soldiers to clear brush through the Pandoran rainforests. Its one-piece structure is made up of laminated carbon, allowing the entire body to be used as storage for highly compressed fuel and propellant.
  4. What do you think the most 'O' (Exciting) thing to do on Pandora is? Learn Na'vi on Instagram: “#avatar #pandora†instagram.com “#avatar #pandoraâ€
  5. Having co-evolved with a specific type of bird species on Pandora, the scorpion thistle and it's sole pollinator resemble each other in appearance. The sap of the scorpion thistle is collected by the Na'vi, which is then used for medicines and poison hunting darts that injure but does not kill the prey.
  6. The anemonid is a carnivorous plant that attracts insects with a sticky aromatic substance that covers the large flat meristem on top. Digestive enzymes on the surface of the plant then breakdown the insect to obtain nitrogen and essential elements. The roots of the anemonid absorb metals from the soil, which gives the plant the ability to move in response to a magnetic field, known as magnetonasty.
  7. How do you keep cool on a SOM (hot) day? Learn Na'vi on Instagram: “#avatar #pandora†instagram.com “#avatar #pandoraâ€
  8. The globular balls at the tops of the puffball tree play an important role in maintaining the stability of the environment, by absorbing toxic gases from the atmosphere. The tree also absorbs the naturally occurring sodium from the soil, which will end up in the leaves of the tree. The Na'vi collect and eat the leaves as a source of salt for their diets. Avatar avatar.tumblr.com A puffball tree (obesus rotundus) at scale with a Na'vi.
  9. War paint is a ceremonial undertaking and helps the Na'vi prepare for engaging in dangerous situations. It is considered sloppy for paint to cover the bioluminescent markings on Na'vi or animals.
  10. Seeds of the episoth tree are high in protein and considered to be quite delicious by the Na'vi. The seeds are covered in a mucilaginous substance that has a rejuvenating ability for skin, which is thought to have a potential application in cosmetic products.
  11. The RDA operations center (OPS Center) is located above the armor vault in Hell's Gate. The OPS Center is the nexus for communications and operational control on Pandora.
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    Accrobatics Workshop | TORUK - The First Flight Watch as the world of TORUK – The First Flight slowly takes form before your very eyes. During a creative workshop, Germain Guillemot (Acrobatic performance ...
  13. Who do you know that you admire because they are FKEW (Mighty)?
  14. Cat ear plants are both beautiful and musical, when wind blows through the varying sized leaves, musical notes are formed and it sounds like a small symphony. It also has an animal-like quality, with its ability to turn in the direction of an animal and track it as it moves through the rainforest. Avatar avatar.tumblr.com The cat ear, which is collected by the Na’vi to be used as a musical instrument
  15. The large size of the octoshroom is believed to be due to the low gravity and dense atmosphere of Pandora, but some botanists thinks this gigantism comes from irradiation by its exposure underground to radioactive oxides and isotopes of xenon. It was also discovered that the octoshroom is a radiotrophic fungus that can use ionizing radiation as energy for growth.