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  1. Txum_Kali'weya


    It's been a long 2 years since I was born, and i'm finaly saying bye. I thank unap, shadow, spartan, and others for being my friends. I am dead now. My life is ended.
  2. Txum_Kali'weya

    AvatarPrime has been interviewed

    Yay, we win! right? right.
  3. FF4 came out and no one/thing told me...

    1. cmb


      It's been out for a while dude

  4. we got a new favicon? yay..!

    1. cmb


      Yeah.. More things coming soon-ish.

  5. i'm doing good.

    its sad that you left ToS, but as long as you're here, i'm fine with it.

    if you wan't to talk to me, i'm usually in the chat. else, just send me a message.

  6. Heyo :smile: Yeah I kinda left ToS so that's probs why my profile's gone nutty, don't really use it any more. How have you been?? Hope all's well.

  7. recommend the gallery at the bottom

    1. Txum_Kali'weya


      too intrusive at the top...

    2. cmb


      Working on it..

  8. Txum_Kali'weya

    Happy 1 year Avatar Anniversary

    it was yesterday, but i won't celebrate till the 23rd.
  9. the forum is back at fluid width?

    1. cmb


      Testing something. Fluid width looks worse though eh?

  10. havnt seen you in forever on ToS. And your account is being weird...

    Anyway, you should stop by sometime.

  11. Txum_Kali'weya

    Something weird.. more of a question

    I doubt Neytiri would let any other avatar paint her.
  12. Txum_Kali'weya

    Which back story would you most like to know?

    Tsu'tey or Neytiri. Tsu'tey would have an interesting backstory, and I just want to know everything about Neytiri.
  13. Txum_Kali'weya

    Favorite Movie Quotes

    "sky people, they do not learn, they do not See."
  14. Txum_Kali'weya

    So.. my niece is due this week or something..

    She's cute and chubby...