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  1. Late but hope you all had a Merry Christmas - you sob's. :smile:

  2. Mad Jack Vane

    Origin of your Username

    My name came from a pirate name generator, but now that name generator site closed down so its just me left to drag this name around the internet.
  3. Got a month off work, so I'm back. :smile:

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    2. Mad Jack Vane

      Mad Jack Vane

      Tell me about it... and I need to start reading your fanfic again, got some pages to catch up on.

    3. Spartan


      take your time bud.. but not sure if Unap told you but Avatar 2 and 3 will be out in 2014 and 2015 :sad:

    4. cmb


      :sad: - Avatar 2/3 :smile: - Jack coming back
  4. Mad Jack Vane

    Avatar Trivia

    Is it Interstellar Vehicle Venture Star? don't know why it isn't IVVS ... (Avatar Wiki) What is Shah-tell?
  5. Mad Jack Vane

    Avatar 2 to be filmed underwater

    Huh would you look at that. sounds great, new challenge.
  6. Gave me a shock to get onto AP for the first time in ages and to see such a great theme, good job. Who did it?
  7. Mad Jack Vane

    Fanfic "Tzenka"

    Jeez mate, you've been busy. I will read what I have missed soon.
  8. Long time no see ladys and gents.

    1. Spartan


      Welcome back dude!

    2. cmb
    3. Mad Jack Vane

      Mad Jack Vane

      Oh aye yeah I see how it is, no love mate no love.

      But hey Spartan.

  9. Mad Jack Vane

    What's your internet speed?

    Pfft beat your speed Unap and we use the same computer.
  10. Mad Jack Vane

    MW2 Nuke Video

    Urgh I hate that sound on MW2
  11. Mad Jack Vane

    Favorite Movie Quotes

    Gunship Navigator:
  12. Mad Jack Vane

    Pirating/Ripping Avatar

    I just spent an hour looking at the side of my laptop pressing the open button to open the DVD slide, banging my head on the table going WHY!? why didn't I think about this!? This is the stupidest thing I have done this year, thanks. Don't know why I didn't think of it earlier...
  13. Mmm, I could go for some tacos about now. Can't wait to see t again.
  14. Mad Jack Vane

    Who's going to the rerelease on August 27th?

    Hell yeah, I would like to see someone on AP not going.