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  1. Ach no, Grab your torche and pitchfork, we got some hunting to do. :[
  2. Just like the title says. Me at this moment in time! is into this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tADli-TMYw
  3. Unap

    The Return of AP

    Thank you Shadow for fixing the posty post box for me so quick. <3
  4. Unap

    The Planet

    Anyone else think that Pandora get's that great shade of purple from it's big gas giant planet? I think the Planet looks better (on the outside) then the moon, anyone with me?
  5. Unap

    The Return of AP

    Jeez, lazy Shadow, just lazy we want this all re-done faster!.
  6. Happy Birthday me! :biggrin:

    1. Spartan


      its your Bday? Happy Bday Ms Unap :biggrin:

    2. Enkrptic-Na'vi
  7. Going home tomorrow to see how Jacks doing in all this shenanigan riots, time to sort my city out!.

    1. cmb


      I don't think I understand..Whats behind these riots? Why are they even happening? :ohmy:

    2. Spartan


      Apparently a cop shot and killed a kid. but cops only shoot and kill people if the person was the cause, that means that cops defend themselves. but the public (as always) over reacts

  8. No more chat?

    1. Unap


      Works again. :smile:

    2. cmb


      Working fine for me.

  9. Unap

    ...And were back

    I like it I like it, Keep up the good work Shadow and palls.
  10. It's oddly quiet around here ... >.> where is everyone?

    1. cmb
    2. kartracer76
    3. Unap


      Ah ha I thought so. :smile:

      Hope you guys are doing well.

  11. Wall-E is on the TV again =] good end to a day, Wall-E will make me feel better. =D

  12. Unap

    Forum Layout

    Looks better in my opinion, we need that Pandora one. I like it.