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  1. I agree - AP is a perfect site. The theme and features here are amazing. As for shifting focus I'm unsure if thats even possible at this point. The name of the site Avatar Prime and the theme here is based all around Avatar. So my best guess would be to hang in there, try and get some exclusive content (an interview would be amazing), and wait till Avatar 2. It's not long before the Avatar 2 news will start rolling in.
  2. Qelothakang

    3D vs 2D Movies. What is the future?

    No doubt 3D is the future. We see it in gaming now (3DS), TVs, cellphones, and of course movies. 3D is the future. And for those of you who get sick of watching "too much 3D" im sure there working a way around that.
  3. Qelothakang

    Im unfortunate to say..

    Same here..As shadow said in the announcement post the hype is gone until Avatar 2. (However when I do think of Neytiri it does spark my interest..)
  4. Qelothakang

    How many Avatar's are in the Avatar Program?

    Doesn't really say but when you look at the first bio lab you see about 20 machines, so I'm guessing about 20.
  5. Qelothakang

    Useful Avatar Resources & Sites

    Updated the list once again.
  6. Qelothakang

    3D TV recommendations

    I'm planning on buying a 3D TV for my family who also loves to watch Avatar. Since Fox made it so Avatar can only be watched on Panasonic TVs, does anyone have any recommendations on where to buy a good 3D TV by this maker?
  7. Qelothakang

    New Full Sized Logo

    Looks very good.
  8. Qelothakang

    Did you cry during the movie?

    Nothing wrong with crying The_Navi. I shed a tear in the "I trusted you" and right after the "Defeat of Quaritch". But that's only because I got really into the movie. Don't think I have cried for any other movies...well maybe one.
  9. Qelothakang

    The Most Distant Object In The Universe Uncovered

    I don't really understand what it's saying. Is there an actual news article on this?
  10. Qelothakang

    Avatar vs HurtLocker

    These topics never end nicely.. No I don't think Hurt Locker deserved the awards that it got, imho. But that's something we cant change or even have a say in. Point of the matter is Avatar and Hurtlocker are two nice movies, and got the success they wanted, no need to compare two totally different movies.
  11. Qelothakang

    Future of Avatar Fan Forums

    What do you guys think the future of Avatar fan forums are going to be like? For the next few years there will be a lack of Avatar News? Will sites like AP, ToS focus on other movies as well and fanfictions? Until like 2014 when the Avatar 2 news starts rolling in and things will really spike.
  12. Qelothakang

    Playing With XenForo

    Looks nice but it's not worth the time and effort to work on it. I personally am a huge fan of IPB. And love it over vBulletin which most Avatar fan sites are powered by these days.
  13. Qelothakang


    (Didn't read the entire topic, sorry if I missed something.) My stance on legalizing marijuana? Well.. It's obviously going to be legal in a few years, no doubt, just give it time. I personally don't see any issues with it considering its supposed to be healthier than smoking tobacco. The industry that will hurt the most is also the tobacco industry. I think it will be interesting to see how it plays out once it gets legalized but it's not something im necessarily against.
  14. Qelothakang

    Avatar Desktop Wallpaper

    What's your favorite Avatar related desktop image? Share and be shared!
  15. Qelothakang

    Post your HQ pictures of Neytiri!