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  1. What kind of maintainance?
  2. gabriel

    US wants Twitter details of Wikileaks activists

    Are you serious? They were cargo planes? I live in New York City and trust me, it was all real. There were dead bodies, there were also hundreds of people who got sick from attending to the fires that razed. Also, what about the plane that crash in the forest? Was headed towards the White House I believe, and the phone call? So the US government killed it's own citizens, and did all that just to go after Iraq? Really? This is really funny, I advice you to read trustworthy sources and please do me a favor and go to an online forum and post this there, I think they'll straighten you out. Also what the heck, US is a capitalist country, there is no way that they'd destroy the Twin Towers, something that other nations even UK could only dream to have at that time. No, in my class, we were taught the bad things that were committed by the US government as well, out first assignment was to read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_People's_History_of_the_United_States I recommend you do so as well. Oh yeah without the US, your country would be enslaved by the Nazis and your people wouldn't exist. I hope you realize that Because without the secret agreement between your weak government and the unprepared US government at that time, the US got involved in order to save your people. Just calling it as I see it.
  3. gabriel

    US wants Twitter details of Wikileaks activists

    ROFLAMO. No offense, I don't want to be all offensive but if you believe that then there is no reason for me to respond to your other points, which themselves are not respond worthy. US government doesn't care about people being killed? huh? Well, I advice you to read up on countless times when they have done things, invaded countries just to save their citizens. They might not care about people of other countries but they do care about American citizens. Also, if they wanted people dead then why are known terrorists locked up? Why aren't they just killed? I would really like to know where you're from because I've noticed that people who are from other countries have other views and sometimes its the fault of their government, which probably print BS books and such. I've taken college courses on American history and trust me, everyone admits the US has done some things wrong and unethical but the US government doesn't cover it up in textbooks and such. Just the other day I read in several news sources (some non-american) that Iran was changing their educational system and taking out western influence, maybe things of that sort happened to your textbooks as well. Anyways, before I keep going, I would love to know what country you are from, so go ahead, please.
  4. gabriel

    The Ubuntu Thread

    Thats a browser, Ubuntu is an OS. If you use Firefox, then most likely you currently use Windows or Mac.
  5. Bored, like really.

  6. Avatar was somewhat similar but as others have pointed out, people love to complain and they'll complain about anything. Although the first film might have been like Disney film, I doubt movies 2 and 3 will be like it.
  7. gabriel

    What are you listening to currently

    I'm listening to a Korean group, although I don't understand the language, but here you go: http://favoritelyrics.info/index.php?topic=2.0 It has the music video and translation, so if you're interested. The song is very sad
  8. gabriel

    US wants Twitter details of Wikileaks activists

    People who think the US government has done some things that they don't want the rest of the world to see are probably somewhat right. But why are people making such a big deal out of this small thing? Twitter is a US company and thus the US government has every right to demand information such as those. All though this may destroy privacy I still think what Wikileaks did destroyed US privacy. It's kinda ironic, but meh, when things like this happen, some people can't stop ranting about how bad the US is and how they deserve it. IF Assange published things like this about the Russian or Chinese government, what do you think would happen to him? Or the middle eastern government? He'd disappear by now. So, please do stop with the US bashing, cause in the end without the US, the world wouldn't be where it is now. Assange IS NOT A US Citizen, I believe he should be prosecuted as a foreign national who is trying to steal classfied information regarding the US government. Just so you, most of the world governments support the US in this matter, its the everyday citizens who don't understand an ounce of world politics that start complaining and trying to make the US look like the next soviet union or whatever.
  9. gabriel

    The Ubuntu Thread

    I will stick with Windows, thank you very much All though Linux is a good base for OS like Ubuntu and Debian, I'd rather stick with the good old Microsoft and my Windows 7 Laptop
  10. gabriel

    Increase in Spam Registrations

    The measures you took seem good in my opinion. The Email registration and trivia questions should help crack down on spammers.
  11. gabriel

    Need Some Computer Help

    MalwareBytes is one of the best if I am not mistaken. I would recommend you use that and if it doesnt work then travel to http://filehippo.com and check their collection of free virus/spyware fighting softwares.
  12. gabriel

    Review of "Inception"

    I watched the movie of course and I must say it was pretty good. In the beginning it was a bit confusing but after his wife was mentioned and he started explaining about the whole dreamscape thing, it started to make sense. But for some reason I think the director went a bit overboard with all snow and ice (I think they were somewhere in Antarctica) but anyways it was pretty good. I want to mention that I kinda liked the philosophy or whatever you call it You know, the whole explanation of how planting an idea in a persons head is worse than a bacteria or whatever. All in all, I'd rate the movie a 8 out of 10.
  13. gabriel

    Why 4 years?

    I am not surprised by the long wait time but at least we know that it'll be good! Can't wait for the movie to come out, I just re-watched avatar, enjoyed it the second time around.
  14. gabriel

    How would you change Avatar?

    I'd add more romance, every film/story needs some romance <3
  15. gabriel

    The Ubuntu Thread

    I am depressed, I don't want to be around Ubuntu users, I hope you guys do realize that Unbuntu stinks I will never consider it for desktop and defiantly not a server or something.