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  1. Hi everyone! Ever since Avatar SE was announced NOT to show in Sweden, I have been looking for alternate means of watching the movie on the big screen - and I now might have found a solution. As some of you might know, SF rents out cinema locales for conferences, meetings etc - and if we are lucky, they might very well be able to rent it out for us swedes in here to watch Avatar as well! I sent SF this email just recently: If it does turn out to work, the meetup will be held in Bergakungen, Gothenburg, and the cost of renting the locale (5100 kr exkl. moms) WILL be split up between us. If we can make 10-20 people (I will post this at all other Avatar communities too), it will be fully reasonable. Time and date is not decided - after all, they might very well decline offering us the locale at all. So, if anyone's interested, just drop a post in this thread. Of course non-swedes are welcome as well, provided they can make it there.
  2. Eltu

    Tree of Souls tribe introduce yourselves.

    ToS admin reporting in. Been active in the Avatar community and an avid Avatar fan since January. Won't be able to post a lot here (mainly because of a lack of time, really), but I'll hang around to help out if needed.
  3. Yo it's Rainbowhawk. Listen, I just posted a ToS Thread in the "Lets get to know you" section. Could you please post there. Thank you.

  4. I see that we got a load of new members on ToS as well - awesome!
  5. So do we. It feels like this kind of partnership really can breathe some new life into the movie again, for the ones who have discussed almost all aspects of it.
  6. Looking forward to many long years of collaboration! ...and we should have a party. Invite Neytiri.