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  1. Fallout: New Vegas is out..... Now get working on TES: V Bethesda!

    1. Txum_Kali'weya


      they're making a new TES?


    2. Loverofnature


      well.... they havn't announced it yet.... but ofc they are working on it :tongue: just like Valve is working on HL3

  2. I have now Preordered the Collectors Edition of Avatar :biggrin:

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Loverofnature


      nah, since there is no 3D version yet :tongue:

    3. cmb


      There will be in 3 months =P

    4. Loverofnature
  3. Loverofnature

    The "Avatar" Chills

    i get them everytime man.... you are not alone i can't dream of pandora either
  4. i picked other for the reason that: Yes, i think i would like em just as much, BUT Colors sometimes do change things, though i dont think it would have made much different, so i'd Go with a Yes, but still picked other, :lol:
  5. it was good.... better than i expected, but i have PAD and PAE, i dont feel anymore.... or so it feels

    1. cmb
    2. Loverofnature


      Post Avatar Depression

      Post Avatar Euphoria

    3. Enkrptic-Na'vi


      I had heard of PAD....but not PAE...however it makes sense. I knew a lot of people with PAD...I even experienced it a couple of times.

  6. Just saw the SE.....

    1. cmb


      Nice. Did you like the added scenes?

    2. Loverofnature


      oh yeah, i thought they were great!

  7. Loverofnature


    just because Cigarettes and alcohol are legal, that doesn't make them safe, sadly that is how most people think the Nederlands, where Weed is legal, they have the lowest percentage of weed smokers or addicts or w/e and as Neytiri Fan said, it is more healthy than cigarettes. it really is stupid which prejudices they have, also just the fact that it is illegal, makes them say no to it, even without actually finding out, in one way or the other, what it is all about. i personally dont smoke, or drink, but imo, it should be legal. not because i'd use it. but simply because that, if cigarettes is legal, why not weed?
  8. life is fine :smile: seeing the SE today :smile: Cant wait!

    oh, that sucks :/ will that slow down soon or sometime?

    how are you doing with that? is it though?

  9. Loverofnature

    Best neytiri outfit. (From ToS)

    i had to choose between either Ikran or Casual, but picked Casual
  10. Hey man, we havnt talked in a while :smile:

    how are you :smile:

  11. Loverofnature

    Neytiri's hair style

    i like it when it's braided but i can go with both, but still. I prefer Braided