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  1. Aihwa


    Awesomemovie. And lolate.
  2. Aihwa

    Any General Feedback?

    Moar toast so moar poast. Or I could post a link here on few other websites. They dont like Avatar fans though. mkay. Understatement. They hate avatar fans.
  3. CCP's latest tranquility test server build has included a new function, a onetime, free character portrait change, with an upgrade. With their upcoming expansion Icanara, including "station walking" CCP is upgrading all character portraits, and allowing players to create a full 3D avatar for it. For example, Here's an old version of an EVE avatar. (background is cut out, I'm too lazy to go find the original.) And this is the new portrait with CCP's character editor. (same character) And here's a full body shot of Ms. Tenn. ZOMG WE HAVE FEET! In addition, CCP released some demo footage a few months ago dealing with character's clothing and hair animations. Walking in stations, is going to look something like this on a high end machine. DO WANT.
  4. Aihwa

    What's currently on your mind?

    boobi- uhhh... I mean... uhhhh.... ...... chair
  5. Aihwa

    Tree of Souls tribe introduce yourselves.

    I move for a duel to the death to determine who is worthy of the name matt. Epic. Timing. Win.
  6. Aihwa


    A short movie recently released by the Blender foundation, using only blender. For those who dont know, Blender is a professional level 3d animation software thats completely free. I have it, and play with EVE online ships in it. But I dont understand half of it and can barely make things spin. [] Aaaany ways... The movie, 15 minutes long, very well done. Amazing little film. But sad. Very sad. I cried. Sintel
  7. Aihwa

    Youtube video's...

    Jesus Christ... Its a god damned game. Some people... http://www.youtube.com/watch/?v=JYfzBgMUNFg
  8. Aihwa

    How would you change Avatar?

    Probably less pew pew in the end and a little more of the "learning" montage.
  9. Aihwa


    Its possible to use surrogates to save the child without killing it if the father wants it.
  10. Aihwa


    Get it done before the end of the first trimester, after that you're having the kid whether you want it or not. Minors should have to have parents notified before it can be done. Spouse/biolgical father MUST be informed. Because he may want to raise the child even if the mother doesent want to.
  11. Aihwa

    The psychological edge

    Aihwa approves
  12. Aihwa

    Jake Sully is the Cats Meow

    Bones, the thread, is it....
  13. Your mindset is half the battle. This is music you listen to while the "loading" screen crawls forward in CoD or Halo, right before you hotdrop in EVE, before you unleash a zombie apocalypse on your foes in Minecraft even. What do you listen to to psyche up?