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  1. Human No More

    Children's Play: "I Hate Avatar"

    Why bother with ayskxawng? Hurt Locker was a terrible film, even the bits I saw on the Oscars made me bored, I can honestly and objectively say, even if it wasn't competing.
  2. Human No More

    Neytiri "Nipple" / Revealing

    Meaning that some of it was clearly intentional then Which is great because I feel that the Na'vi body is a thing of beauty, even more so than human, and so should not be hidden
  3. Human No More

    Do you still have PAD?

    In a way yes... that I would do or give anything to be on Pandora, to be one of the Na'vi, to experience what they have to to truly be free, to experience love like Neytiri'... Earth just isn't my home :'(
  4. Human No More

    Avatar Trivia

    Eywa k'sey nivi'bri'sta What number is Trudy's Samson?
  5. Human No More

    Avatar vs HurtLocker

    Hurt locker was, quite simply, a crap film. There is no other way to describe it. It getting the oscars was political 'DERPDERP AMERICA IRAQ' vs a real message about the environment and the dangers of militaries. Avatar would have won if it wasn't being given in America. There is a reason Hurt Locker barely even broke even on filming and the DVDs are now in the bargain bin while Avatar is waiting for the collector's Edition release
  6. Human No More

    What is Earth Like in 2154?

    Massive pollution, nearly no plants or animals, cities covering most of the land, the seas used as algae farms which are used to feed the population.
  7. Human No More

    Transition of Power...the Na'vi way

    It certainly wasn't revenge... Jake and Tsu'tey had forgiven each other. Tsu'tey was dying and didn't want to suffer, so Jake helped him. I'm not sure whether or not being olo'eyktan is strength based, Tsu'tey was still olo'eyktan until he gave the position to Jake them, because he was dying and wanted Jake to kill him.
  8. Human No More

    Neytiri "Nipple" / Revealing

    I noticed that months ago
  9. Human No More


    Technically the oxygen is fine... it's the carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide which kill humans. I'd guess she had her exopack somewhere in the cockpit though, that would just be a logical thing to do.
  10. Human No More

    What/Who are "Dancers"

    He's joking
  11. Human No More

    Best neytiri outfit. (From ToS)

    Ceremonial - although she looks truly perfect in any
  12. Human No More

    The "Sex Scene"

    This The love scene was much better than Tsu'tey's death... it made me cry, but in a much happier way, even if it did make me lonely...
  13. Human No More

    Do the navi clans battle amongst each other?

    I'd say probably in the past - but not with tawtute around. After all , the fourth Toruk Makto brought the clans together. There isn't much of a reason to anyway when there is everything the Na'vi need.
  14. No problem... It's good to have a strong connection between the different groups
  15. Human No More

    Into the Navi World

    I don't think there was a scene it was intended for, it was more likely created as a bonus track.