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    Sorry, But I Hate 3D

    ^This But I don't 3D will really start to take off until it no longer needs you to wear glasses and it becomes less expensive... A LOT less expensive
  2. Sìltsan'awpo

    Tree of Souls tribe introduce yourselves.

    Sìltsan'awpo here (That means 'The Good One' in Na'vi fyi ) you can also call me Chris if you'd like. I've been around since January but made my first account at AF in Febuary. I don't post much, mostly because of the fear of what I say will somehow backfire on me and I prefer to post in the more "easy going" threads. (which is why you'll probably never see me post something in the 'Debate' section) So yeah. Looking forward to what the future has in store
  3. Sìltsan'awpo

    The "Sex Scene"

    I seriously hate how some people misenterpit this part of the movie