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  1. Miss you my crazy. Sorry for the spam on, like, everything :tongue: <3

  2. andisavatar

    Hello Aytsmukan Si Aytsmuke

    STAN! *hugs*
  3. andisavatar

    How many of us are from both AF and ToS??

  4. andisavatar

    Pirating/Ripping Avatar

    i grow my own foods
  5. andisavatar

    Pirating/Ripping Avatar

    i don't care. there's so much about movie producers that would counter their work on a movie plus i'm not the "believing in money" type
  6. andisavatar

    Pirating/Ripping Avatar

    i just dont care what happens....
  7. andisavatar

    What are you listening to currently

    listening to acoustic music from nirvana... because acoustic is the best
  8. andisavatar

    Favorite Music Artist/Song

    my favorite band is a little known psychedelic rock band from boston called Ultimate Spinach. i like too many songs to name a favorite, but the funniest song i know is "turn on your lovelight" live at woodstock (47 mins )
  9. andisavatar

    Your Banned

    lol i remember this game but i am rebelling against banning on all the other forums XD
  10. andisavatar

    Avatar on TV

    that would SUCK
  11. andisavatar


    yes exactly.... but it is... that's why i brought it up