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  1. Dang, I'm jealous Wish I could go. Oh well, I'll be at a later one for sure.
  2. Icu

    Adjustment Beareu Movie

    I thought it was okay. Didn't really like it, but didn't dislike it. I don't think they do a good job with the premise though. Something like that, especially how they present it, needs explanation but they don't explain it at all. There were a few things that really annoyed me but a few things I liked. Worth seeing I guess, but by no means a must see.
  3. Icu

    Guess the next poster

    KEHE! lol, this is a very strange game
  4. Icu

    The Avatar Hype Is Dieing

    Yes to what everyone has said Too bad it's going to feel like an eternity until the sequel comes out.
  5. It's official. I've seen him say that he's working on it. But he also said he would have it finished already I guess we'll just have to wait for him to take his time.
  6. Icu


    Hello there I'm, well, Icu on ToS.
  7. Icu

    When you listen to Avatar Music...

    Absolutely agree, without a doubt. It's part of what makes the movie so great to me.
  8. I love the birthday hat
  9. Icu

    Oscars 2010

    Lol fail shadow You should have bet with the odds
  10. Icu

    The Avatar Hype Is Dieing

    Lol at the random response. And, to be perfectly blunt, I think that depends on where you're looking
  11. Icu

    Hello everyone

    Nice to have you
  12. Icu

    Do you believe in ghosts?

    No I don't. Strange experiences have happened, sure, but without any real proof it seems that any number of other explanations are far more likely.
  13. Icu

    Sanctum (A new Jame's Cameron Movie)

    He didn't really write it, and you don't want him to. This movie has terrible, terrible reviews. Frankly, I'm really upset that his name is even attached to it. Certainly is going to hurt his reputation a bit. And when his next real movie comes out (Avatar II) people might not take it as seriously.
  14. This is probably one of the few things that I care the very least about. I don't understand why some people (not necessarily on here ) get all pretentious about this stuff. Someone uses IE, wow they must be an idiot, lets laugh at them. It's just the internet, the fact that no one can even tell which one you're using almost always is enough for me not to care at all. But hey, not to kill the topic or anything
  15. Icu

    What Avatar related stuff do you have?

    All I have are the DVDs and the soundtrack :/ But that's kind of how I like it. I like to keep my real life separate from "this one" whatever that means. So basically no one knows about this IRL.