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  1. Elyannia

    What was the last movie you saw?

    I watched the new Lost Boys movie yesterday. It was pretty good but not as good as the first
  2. Elyannia

    Future of Avatar Fan Forums

    I think that now that the extended version is going to release in a few days, it's going to be booming with Avatar chatter and talk on all fan forums It'll sustain most of us for awhile.
  3. Elyannia

    Origin of your Username

    Well my username was originally for a story I was writing for the name "Elyanna" which means "Our prayers have been answered" but I added an I when I wanted to use the name on world of warcraft and Elyanna was already taken lol.
  4. Elyannia

    Do you have a twitter?

    I have a twitter but I rarely use it XD haha And I believe Shadow that you are already following me XD My Twitter
  5. is sick =[

    1. cmb


      Tis' the season to be sick.

  6. Elyannia

    Youtube video's...

    LOL omg that videos even funnier than when he freaked out because his mom cancelled his account, but it's probable fake.
  7. Elyannia

    Personal websites?

    I have an art blog that's semi active XD It's mostly me finding cool tutorials and websites about art/crafts. http://craftygamer.blogspot.com/ And I also have an Etsy if that counts xD http://www.etsy.com/shop/CraftyGamerGirl
  8. Elyannia


    Besides the fact that, that would be creepy lol. Having a kid is a two people choice =/ The father and the mother should both be ready and want the child. Unless the father leaves the wife takes the kid and becomes a single parent? Or unless hes quick on the rebound and finds another women XD
  9. Elyannia

    What are you listening to currently

    DHT is amazing I've recently been addicted to this song. GAAAHH I want it to be Haloween already. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM2OZsRv_ic
  10. Elyannia

    My definition of love

    I refer to the rest of that paragraph
  11. woke up with a huge ass headache =/

  12. Elyannia


    I would not want to carry around a baby for 9 months just because the father wanted it. That is just ridicuIous. I don't think you guys are trying to even see it from a Womans stand point. WE have to carry around extra weight for 9 months. Having a child when you're not ready,whether your a minor, financially cant afford it or w/e,it could destroy your future. Sure you could say "Oh don't have sex blah blah blah" But realistically if you're in a relationship you are going to have sex sooner or later and accidents DO happen.
  13. Elyannia

    [Question] How did Neytiri not know?

    Because he has a strong heart =]