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  1. Unlike some other clips, I really think this would have been very good in the original cut. Too bad it was left out. btw "nay-tee-ree"
  2. Ahh Nice. Though I don't think it would have fit in the original cut very well. This is probably the best way to see it
  3. Fosus

    Avatar vs HurtLocker

    Yeah. Academy Awards lost quite a lot of respect from my side. Avatar obviously deserved all the Oscars it got. But Hurt Locker definitely did not. It's politics these days.. but who didn't know?
  4. Fosus

    JC Updates on Avatar 2

    That's like.. the second novel I'll ever read. Cool
  5. Fosus

    Do you still have PAD?

    The last time I had PAD was before the summer. I'm not saying I miss the feeling, but I like some aspects of it.
  6. Fosus

    Cameron shows life on Earth

    It was kinda sad this didn't make it to the original movie. I think the movie would have had even larger impact on people if they saw this..
  7. Awesome I hate those stupid whalers.
  8. Fosus

    The story of You before Avatar

    I saw it first time with my family.. I hadn't heard anything about it before the viewing. I was quite skeptic, like I back then used to be about anything. However I couldn't help getting immersed into the film and actually getting deeply affected by it. It was like a drug, I just "had to see it again". I lived far away from cinema back then, but managed to see it again with a friend even though it cost me _a lot_. The second time was the most effective for me and I too, was devastated by the same old world outside the cinema now seen from a completely different perspective. I soon fell into PAD, and luckily found the community. What I was like before Avatar? .. "I barely remember my old life" I used to play quite a lot of computer games. Not anymore. Almost all of the clothes I wore were black. Not anymore. I never was a complete asshole, but I think about others and myself in different, better way. I'm nowadays a complete nature lover. Btw, I love that picture too.
  9. Fosus

    IRC vs IP.Chat

    I have nothing against IP.Chat but I hope the IRC stays too (whether merged or as it is now) :coffee:
  10. They never released it in finland. *facedesk* *facedesk* *facedesk* *facedesk* *facedesk*
  11. Fosus

    The Ubuntu Thread

    From the view of an end user Kubuntu has gotten less and less buggy each release. I can only speak for Kubuntu though.
  12. You bet! I have never heard her yell that !!
  13. Fosus

    How would you change Avatar?

    Bashed? No way I completely agree with you. I liked the action but there was maybe a little bit too much of it in the end.
  14. Fosus

    The "Avatar" Chills

    Same here! I started listening to Avatar OST after the second (and last) viewing in cinema. I mean, before I knew the movie inside out (well I still don't ) But the Avatar music kinda has it's own effects, it's not associated with scenes or events of the movie.