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  1. electrosphere11

    The "Sex Scene"

    It will probably be mine as well one I get to see the damn thing
  2. electrosphere11

    Best neytiri outfit. (From ToS)

    I just realized I was thinking of a totally different ceremonial outfit. Here's the one I was talking about
  3. electrosphere11

    Best neytiri outfit. (From ToS)

    That ceremonial dress gets me every time Although Neytiri looks stunning in everything (including nothing
  4. electrosphere11

    Jake Sully is the Cats Meow

    Shjake has blu balls.
  5. electrosphere11

    Thing's You Notice on Repeat Avatar Viewings

    I remember it took me like 10 times to notice the strap they attatch their bows on to while riding Ikrans.
  6. electrosphere11

    The "Sex Scene"

    I think the queue allows them to share their thoughts, sensations, and emotions that they have and is found to be both deeply spiritual and erotic.
  7. electrosphere11

    time zone

    Yeah, it should be GMT -7:00 with DST