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  1. stdout

    The Ubuntu Thread

    I've PM'd you.
  2. stdout

    Guess the next poster

    Darn. Also, Jeff, you're wrong. I think maybe shadow will post next...
  3. stdout

    Someone needs to get some sleep..

    Happy birthday Unap! That cake is truly terrifying...
  4. stdout

    God is there?

    I'm pretty sure there is no god. At least, not as any of the major religions describe him/it.
  5. stdout

    Origin of your Username

    I joined AF with 'System.out' since I was struggling to come up with a username and was programming in Java at the time For ToS (and now AP) I switched to 'stdout' since it looks a little more elegant, or something.
  6. All I can say is... WHOA.
  7. stdout

    How long do the Na'Vi live for?

    I think they live about as long as humans do. 'In many respects, the Na'vi body is almost human-like...' I got that from The Na'vi Which, incidentally, has a rather nice picture of Neytiri smiling
  8. stdout

    Limewire is gone

    That made me chuckle
  9. stdout

    Avatar 2 to be filmed underwater

    The underwater thing seems rather shoehorned-in to me, but I'm sure JC will make it interesting for us too.
  10. Nope. For Halloween I did... nothing whatsoever
  11. stdout

    Hey All

    Hi Lukas. And theAdviserMe. Enjoy your time here
  12. stdout

    Do you have a twitter?

    To me, twitter seems to take one of the most pointless part of facebook (status updates) and limits it to a number of characters that renders it almost useless. Edit: so that's a no