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  1. Fighter-of-Wars

    Avatar Trivia

    The mountain range in China is the Himalaya mountains. I think that was where it was from to. IRC Cameron sent somebody over there for two weeks studying them and taking photographs to be used in the movie. Edit: Back to Trivia. How many seats down from Jake was Norm on the shuttle?
  2. Thanks for the B-day wish :smile:

  3. Fighter-of-Wars

    The "Avatar" Chills

    I get the chills every time, certain scenes more than others. And the withdraw to. And as most here, no Avatar dreams yet.
  4. Fighter-of-Wars

    What makes us addicted?

    To me it was the world, not just the planet, but the people as well. These wonderful creatures (the Na'vi) that have such a tight nit community and family and the wonderful place they live. That's what got me.
  5. Fighter-of-Wars

    Avatar Movie Posters

    If you are talking about the one with Neytiri on Seze in the hallelujah mountains. I got it from Amazon.com. See my post above. Those are the posters I have. There are 5 all together.
  6. Fighter-of-Wars

    Avatar Trivia

    Samson 16? What was the first type of round fired from the helicopters at hometree?
  7. Fighter-of-Wars

    What/Who are "Dancers"

    They were there when the crew was working late to keep them entertained.
  8. Fighter-of-Wars

    Avatar Movie Posters

    I do
  9. Fighter-of-Wars

    Dreaming of Avatar/Pandora

    I had one dream that had Na'vi in it. But it wasn't the main thing. It was like I was flying in an ocean under our town and I looked over and I saw some Na'vi. And then we were gone. I have gotten better at dreaming though. I can remember atleast 2-3 dreams every night now for a couple months. But haven't been able to get lucid.
  10. Fighter-of-Wars

    Post in this thread if your a Grammar Nazi

    I try to be one, but I'm not perfect. I attempt to keep my spelling and punctuation good but I'm not going to get out my language arts book and study paragraph or sentence structure.
  11. Fighter-of-Wars

    Avatar-Forums: What happened?

    When I first went to AF in March I met many good people. That was what I looked forward to during my day was being with like minded people talking about things we love. But soon after I joined things started going downhill. The big thing for me was the skin change. I remember the thread asking about a theme change and no one wanted one but it happened anyway. Big fights ensued and I left and joined ToS. I go back to AF once in awhile and find a few good threads to contribute to.
  12. Fighter-of-Wars

    Best neytiri outfit. (From ToS)

    Ceremonial for me as well. LOL Pandora, everytime I hear the OM NOM NOM about Neytiri it just makes me laugh.
  13. Fighter-of-Wars

    Sorry, But I Hate 3D

    The one quip I have with 3D is every movie I go to with it, it always seems a little fuzzy. You watch the blu-ray or DVD or 2D in theaters and its crisp. In 3D you get the effect but also blurred lines hear and there.
  14. Fighter-of-Wars

    Neytiri "Nipple" / Revealing

    When Jake and Neytiri enter the Tree of voices and Jake grabs her tail you get to see a little more than nipples...