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  1. weka

    What is Earth Like in 2154?

    Wall-e's version of Earth.
  2. You know this is one of those questions I like to call "first-impression" questions. For example, in today's normal society... being fully clothes is what is normal --- being NOT clothes is NOT... so let's say there was never any clothes so we would not know how being clothes REALLY felt until we saw it. It's like seeing something you love the first time and then seeing it change. The answer will be be. Now let's say the Na'vi from the start are ... green. Well then, we as humans know the na'vi as green creatures and don't even think about the if they were blue... yeah, i had a theory and physiology class today sue me
  3. weka

    What is Earth Like in 2154?

    My guess there won't be THAT good technology in the 140+ years in the future.
  4. weka


    What happened to my vip/donator status? :S
  5. It's probably the weird apostrophe.
  6. cmb

    Thank you for your contribution weka. :smile:

  7. weka


    You're so deep in the closet -- you're looking for Christmas presents.
  8. Dan = Drewan Daniel = Atan'eko
  9. weka

    Dreaming of Avatar/Pandora

    Nope, sadly, I say not.
  10. weka

    Hi there!

    You're delusional, andi!
  11. weka


    If I EVER find James Cameron -- I think you all know what I am going to ask him.
  12. weka

    Hi there!

    Just out of curiosity -- how do you pronounce 'weka'?
  13. weka

    Hi there!

    But why are you so excited? And thanks.