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  1. Dreaming Of Pandora

    If you like Avatar..

    The Lion King. Same emotion, same visuals, second favourite film. Great soundtrack, great songs, great philosophy ("Circle of Life"). See it!
  2. Dreaming Of Pandora

    Why 4 years?

    Like the Matrix Trilogy, Avatar 2 & 3 are being filmed back-to-back in one giant shooting session. So were actually waiting for two Avatar movies to be made between now and then. After the sequel comes out, it'll only be a year's wait for the final installment to be released, which is 2015. Avatar 2 is likely to be a "to be continued" movie if they're filmed back-to-back. So really James Cameron has two movies to make in less than five years and remember, these are Avatar movies.
  3. I've refrained from watching any one these. I bought the limited edition and it'd be a waste to know everything in it. Will comment though when I get the DVD.
  4. Dreaming Of Pandora

    Avatar Desktop Wallpaper

    For a second, I thought that picture was from a deleted scene (I shielded my eyes). Good photoshop.
  5. Dreaming Of Pandora

    This weird feeling before I watch Avatar

    I can't help but smile at the DVD menu. The montage is so brilliant.
  6. Dreaming Of Pandora

    How long do the Na'Vi live for?

    Depends. The average human lifespan is around 80 years right? You have to ask, 'Why do we die near that age?' There's a pretty big list of causes of natural death, the most severe causes is most likely something that puts strain on your vital organs: obesity, liver failure, kidney failure, lung cancer etc. Now what causes these usually? Obesity is eating too much of the wrong food, liver failure is caused by alcohol, kidney failure also caused drinking too much of the wrong stuff and lung cancer, usually smoking. Before someone says it, yes there are natural causes of these problems but its usually the cause of the human lifestyle. The more stressed a person's life is, the shorter they live, that's basically it. The Na'vi might have a longer lifespan as you can eliminate most of human causes of death. They live a more physical and healthy lifestyle as we do and certainly eat better than most of us. The flip-side of the coin is that tribal civilisations have shorter lifespans than we do today. Mainly because of our medical advancement to combat the diseases that plague tribes such as HIV and AIDS. There are certainly others, but that's what we hear about most. The only way we can be sure that the Na'vi live longer is to know what their cause of death is; disease or lifestyle. My guess is that they live around 20 years longer than the average human.
  7. Dreaming Of Pandora

    Users Guide for Avatar Deleted Scenes

    "Jake's First Flight"/ Ikran flight scene
  8. Dreaming Of Pandora

    The Most Distant Object In The Universe Uncovered

    There are but you can simply google those. Since I created the video I have the responsibility to make sure it's comprehensive (which I apparently failed to do). Back in 2009, Hubble took an Ultra Deep Field image, basically an extraordinarily zoomed in look at a seemingly empty patch of sky. What they always find in these images are thousands of galaxies from when the universe was only a few hundred million years old. Astronomers calculate their distance by the galaxies' redshift. All galaxies are moving away from us due to the expansion of the universe. Just like when a Firetruck's siren's pitch changes as it zooms away from you, so too does light's wavelength as it moves away from us. This is called the Doppler Effect. As galaxies move away from us their wavelength is stretched out to red and that's why it's called redshift. Astronomers know that the more shift a galaxy is to the red, the further away it is. The rate at which a galaxy is moving away from us is directly proportional to the distance it is from Earth (eg. If a galaxy is twice as far away from Earth as a closer galaxy, it will be moving away from us at twice the speed. So the more redshift means the faster a galaxy is moving away from us. By comparing how fast a galaxy much closer to Earth is moving away with this redshift galaxy, you can calculate the distance that galaxy is from Earth, which in this case happens to be 13.1 billion light years from Earth. Why this discovery is so important is that the galaxy is from an era in the infant stages of the universe called reionisation. Reionisation is this: when the universe was created, it created protons and electrons, these combine to form hydrogen. Since there was so much hydrogen in the early universe just floating around, it acted like a fog, making the universe opaque or non-transparent. Using this hydrogen, stars began forming and with their powerful UV radiation, they split the hydrogen atoms back into electrons and protons, ionising the universe once again and making it transparent. The only reason why we can see this galaxy is because neighboring galaxies with their stars helped clear the fog quicker making the region transparent for us to see. Seeing galaxies like this is incredibly rare for Hubble as it is right at the detection limit for redshift for this telescope. The James Webb Telescope will be able to see much farther when it is launched. Hope this clears it up a bit.
  9. In the early Universe, nothing at all could be seen. No stars, no galaxies, no light whatsoever. Hydrogen acted like a milky fog that made the Universe opaque. 13.1 billion years ago, that fog started to become transparent. And what do we find...? If you can recall the song at the start then you've been watching your Avatar trailers!
  10. Dreaming Of Pandora

    Avatar vs HurtLocker

    We know that the Academy tends to focus on script writing when it comes to Best Picture as they're other technical awards and actors' awards. Avatar would've won if the controversy about the plot wasn't so prevalent or if the plot's "unoriginality" was more subtle. In the end, it seems that JC should've gotten the Oscar, but I'm not so sure.
  11. Dreaming Of Pandora

    Avatar vs HurtLocker

    At the time it I said HL didn't deserve it, partly because they cheated (mass emailing) but mostly because I still had PAD. Now that I've taken a step back and compared both movies I believe Avatar won the same Oscars for the same reasons why I love Avatar. HL has an original plot but a lack of development of that plot, though there's good themes in it and the story is good. It won because it had a good story, that is what Best Picture is for, and that's why there are other Oscars Avatar rightfully one as well (though I think James Horner really deserved Best Film Score). Let's face it, Avatar is no Incetion but its a fresh new make of a tried-and-tested plot, but with an interesting sci-fi twist. This is not why you win Best Picture. Avatar won its rightful Oscars for being a once in a lifetime cinematic experience with revolutionary technology and awe-inspiring visuals, a Pioneer of movies.
  12. Dreaming Of Pandora

    JC Updates on Avatar 2

    Plenty of juicy details in that article. Nice find! The next thing I'm waiting for (apart from the Nov release) is his novel. I can't wait to find out the back storys in it.
  13. Dreaming Of Pandora

    Did you cry during the movie?

    This. There were bits where I felt like tearing up (when Jake gets accepted by The Omaticaya and the "Toruk was no longer needed" moment) but never full-on crying.
  14. Dreaming Of Pandora

    Movie Goofs/Errors/Inconsistencies Explained

    Good point.