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  1. CyanRachel


    This is cool!
  2. CyanRachel


    Great photo of Zoe and JC!
  3. Ooo, and it's going to be a prequel (of sorts) to the movie! Awesome! Can't wait for this.
  4. Yeah, I've seen Amber's Avatar tattoos in person, and they're awesome!
  5. Kaltxi! Here's a link to a recent (airdate was 8/6/14) video interview (hour-long) that Charlie Rose did with James Cameron: http://www.charlierose.com/watch/60428849 It focuses mostly on his DeepSea Challenge 3D film, but Avatar is also talked about briefly.
  6. Yay to Zoe and her husband -- good job! And I wish Zoe luck with her pregnancy. Now let's see James Cameron take on the challenge!
  7. Kaltxi Colin! Irayo for the update and news about the future of AP. Yeah, this forum has been rather slow, not much activity going on in months, but hopefully that'll change when Avatar 2 is released in 2016.
  8. Here's another link to an article on the subject: http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwmovies/article/James-Cameron-Announces-Cirque-du-Soleil-AVATAR-Touring-Show-20140529?PageSpeed=noscript#.U4kdOihiG8U I'd very much like to see this! I've been to 3 Cirque shows in my life, and they were all great! I'd love to see what they'd do with Avatar.
  9. CyanRachel

    Dates and location for AvatarMeet 2014!

    BIG NEWS!!!!! Be sure to check out the main page of the AvatarMeet site: http://www.avatarmeet.com For some VERY exciting news re: AvatarMeet 2014!!!! (Hint: It involves getting to visit a certain studio in Hollywood!)
  10. Is that 50 million Avatar fans on Facebook? If so, that's awesome! And Irayo to *you*, James Cameron, for giving us this incredible and beautiful film!
  11. Yay -- great news! Glad to hear they're being prepped for the sequels. And hopefully filming will commence toward the end of this year, if all goes as planned.
  12. Oh wow!!! Totally awesome!!! Yay!!! Great news!!!! And I LOVE that life-size Jake statue! Hopefully we'll be seeing it in the finished park when it opens.