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  1. Night Stalker

    Suggested Fanfics?

    Anyone have any recommendations on what Fan Fics to read? (Avatar related of course --)
  2. Night Stalker


    Incredible Movie up until the last few scenes. I felt like they rushed the ending.
  3. What are your thoughts on the deleted scenes in the Collectors Edition? I was most amazed of how the movie was created in 3 layers. That template level looked awesome, imagine the entire movie in that.
  4. Night Stalker

    A message from AVATAR-FORUMS.com

    It's time for a dedicated server. =)
  5. Night Stalker

    Why 4 years?

    Anyone know why there is a 4 year wait for the new Avatar? It's going to kill some of us here. But seriously, they already created the world of Pandora so it shouldn't be too hard..
  6. Night Stalker

    Avatar RPG V3.0 Character claim

    Hm another one? Won't be able to kick off with 2 people thats for sure. Ill reserve this post for a possible character claim in a fewy days or so.
  7. Night Stalker

    1 day....

    I pre-ordered from Amazon and haven't gotten mine yet. Whats up with this?
  8. Night Stalker

    Blu Ray Players Recommendations

    I would usually recommend using Sony Blu-Ray players.
  9. Night Stalker

    Someone needs to get some sleep..

    The cake IS NOT a lie.
  10. Night Stalker

    If you could ask James Cameron a question..

    Why did you decide to make the Na'Vi blue?
  11. Night Stalker

    Neytiri "Nipple" / Revealing

    In that case - I think human cleavage should not be hidden. Yes that means you Trudy.
  12. Night Stalker

    This weird feeling before I watch Avatar

    Really? I always thought it was because of the music that I was smiling. Oh well. xD
  13. Night Stalker

    Post your HQ pictures of Neytiri!

    Keep it going! I like some of the pics posted here.
  14. Night Stalker

    Neytiri "Nipple" / Revealing

    @ stdout That just killed this entire topic. Also shouldn't this topic be merged with the Neytiri Nipple one, or are they different?
  15. Night Stalker

    Avatar Desktop Wallpaper

    Where can you find some *good* avatar wallpapers in the first place?