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    Music mainly, as well as Avatar and the natural world of course. :)
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  1. Fkeu'itan

    How many of us are from both AF and ToS??

    I'm on both with the same name. Have been from the very early days of both of them. :smoke: Don't really post on AF any more though, I haven't been there for months and months. ToS is my main hang-out place but I like it here too, so i'm trying to balance time.
  2. In all honesty, I really couldn't say... Seeing as the Na'vi have always been blue, it's difficult to imagine the reaction if they were a different colour. However, having said that, they seem to fit well within their environment. So... basically, I don't know. Although, I fell in love with them as a people. With their ways, their ideas and their way of life, not necesarrily with their appearance.
  3. Fkeu'itan

    Neytiri "Nipple" / Revealing

    Ah, the dangers (and possible advantages) of wearing a loincloth.
  4. Fkeu'itan

    Avatar-Forums: What happened?

    Yeah, I can kinda see that, but Lon could have kept it such a better place than he did. Anyway, that's all water under the bridge now. No point dwelling on what's been and gone.
  5. Fkeu'itan

    Avatar is a boys only movie?

    I agree with the point that not all guys are 'into' the fighting, war, "RARGH!" bit of it... I myself enjoyed the more romantic and slower parts of the film. Something about that just really touched the soul. Perhaps it's because i'm just a big softie... I don't know.
  6. 9 months, 3 forums and a whole new way of seeing the world... This has been one hell of a year so far.

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    2. cmb


      Ewya is teaching you to see.

    3. Enkrptic-Na'vi


      I agree...one hell of a year.

    4. Loverofnature


      my life sure has taken a big turn, one i never expected.... none of us did

  7. Fkeu'itan

    Tree of Souls tribe introduce yourselves.

    Good to be here Matt.
  8. Fkeu'itan

    How Much Money Did You Spend Seeing Avatar

    Wow... Now THIS is a question. Let's get the calculator out... 1x Avatar Collector's pack = £25 7x 3D Cinema = £28 1x 3D IMAX = £14 1x Trip to London to see Rerelease = ~£250 All in all, ~ £320 Wow...
  9. Fkeu'itan

    What are you listening to currently

    (Woo! Another place to spam my insane taste in music...)
  10. Fkeu'itan

    Avatar-Forums: What happened?

    Hmm... Kinda like ToS? (And possibly this place too, I dunno how things work around here...) I just think it's really sad to see what AF became. Especially after those glory months in the beginning. It also makes me wonder exactly what it would be like if the old management had stuck around...
  11. Fkeu'itan

    Tree of Souls tribe introduce yourselves.

    Hey, look! Another new guy. Fkeu'itan, an avid fan and soul-seeker since January. Fresh from ToS and ready for action!