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  1. is backkkk.

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    2. Spartan


      finally! hows it going :wink:

    3. kartracer76


      WOO! Now... join in our RPG.... Must recruit players!

    4. Mad Jack Vane
  2. Eyktan

    AP Background Image

    I like it, but can we move it so jake is the far left, and we can see the half cut off eye on the right?
  3. How many times have you seen avatar: Me? 2 Times (One time when it came out, and one the 2nd release) I own it on DVD, so I should just have it on a 24/7 loop in my room.
  4. gohangasalmiimalasagnahog backwards is gohangasalmiimalasagnahog

  5. Eyktan

    What makes us addicted?

    I went to see avatar in 3-D with a friend, and it was magic. I was IN the movie. At the end, my friend had to speak, for me to remember their presence. The aesthetics, slowness, in my opinion, and compelling nature led me to be addicted. In other words: Hi, I'm Eyktan, and I'm an Avaholic. xD
  6. -closes down his request thread and sparkles eyes at you- Well, that is like GODLY.
  7. Eyktan

    5,000 Posts!!!!!!!!!!

    I giggled. Thanks for keeping the site active guys. We appreciate it.
  8. I don't think so. I can dye it if need be, but other than that, no D: Sorry. I am not the best, but not the worst photoshopper.
  9. Q: What is on your mind? A: Pandora

  10. Yes! Today, AvatarPrime reached post 5,000! This is a very big deal, in my eyes, so to celebrate, I am giving free Na'Vi Photomanipulations! How this works is: PM me with the title "5,000 Posts Picture" And include an image of yourself, or anyone you want to be Na'Vized. Simple, right?! You can only submit Three (3) images, so you can do one of a friend, one of you, and one of a family member! Thank you for keeping the site active, and I will get to manipulating photos soon! SAMPLE: EARS WILL BE RECOGNIZED FROM: http://img37.imageshack.us/i/ears2.png/ (As they are open source)
  11. I have my fingers crossed. I love Avatar too much to see it put to shame.
  12. I really hope a sequel doesn't ruin Avatar, but I think it left at an appropriate cliffhanger. I usually hate sequels, but I think this one will be worth while, but maybe not AS good as the orig.
  13. I would put that one one of my top ten places to go. Pandora looks stunning. As a photographer, I'd go.
  14. Eyktan

    Hey All

    'ayy buddy! Welcome to Avatar Prime. You're going to love it here <3