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    Drumming. Video Games. Metal Music (is my life <3). Avatar :3
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  1. LOVEavatar

    Youtube video's...

    If you don't laugh you're not awesome
  2. LOVEavatar

    The Metal Thread

    I might as well start this thread of with my all time favorite song:
  3. LOVEavatar

    What are you listening to currently

    So much none metal here ... time for change!!!
  4. LOVEavatar

    Neytiri "Nipple" / Revealing

    ... like... every? lol nah, but there are at least one in almost every scene
  5. LOVEavatar

    Into the Navi World

    Well, a bit of it was played during the first flight in Trudys helicopter, in the CE version at least
  6. LOVEavatar

    Missing Scores

    You can always download it I have the complete score with all the 4,7 hour long (including other versions of songs, mixes) and 96 tracks It.Is.Awesome!
  7. LOVEavatar

    Favorite Song?

    #1 Becoming one with the People #2 Gathering All the Clans for Battle #3 Jakes first flight #4 The Biolumi. of the Night #5 Iknimaya #6 War
  8. LOVEavatar

    Favorite Music Artist/Song

    My favorite song since two years back, since I first heard it... One - Metallica God Damn that song is perfect :') It is THE song that made me to the metalhead I am today... It will always has its special place for me in my heart. Well... here are some other favorites... Metallica Slayer Kreator Sodom Origin Annihilator Cannibal Corpse Soulfly Warbringer Sepultura Death Behemoth Vader Destruction System of a Down Alestorm Swashbuckle Korpiklaani Finntroll Turisas Rage Pantera Slipknot Lamb of God Immolation Hypocrisy The Haunted Dark Funeral Deicide Evile Exodus Ensiferium Equilibrium Amon Amarth Death Angel Testament Want me to continue? And don't ask me to name the best to worst... that would take all damn day xD
  9. LOVEavatar

    How did you find AvatarPrime?

    Well I've known about it since a month back or so. Decided to finally register myself
  10. LOVEavatar

    How many of us are from both AF and ToS??

    Hello people The LA has entered the building